Thursday, April 20, 2006


I get to post something after 2 whole weeks!


A shout out to the med student who's doing an elective at our department who mentioned to me that he reads my blog.

I was really sick that day and super-crabby. I would've chatted with you more if I'd had a voice.

I'm getting better now, so please let me know who you are 'cos there're so many tall, thin, bespectacled male students in the ER I can't pick you out yet! :)


I've succumbed to The Dark Side, i.e. I now prophylactically dose myself with antibiotics the minute I get the flu.

Yes, yes, I always preach that Abx don't work if it's a viral infection, blah blah blah, but I seem to get whacked with really fierce bugs now that I've hit 30, and suffer tremendously for a week until I take Erythromycin then recover at super speed.

So it's been EES 800mg bd for the last few days. Didn't take MC. No fever or myalgia or the usual incapacitating fatigue. It's a miracle! :D


TV Updates:

Supernatural - airs 4th May on AXN. Looks terrific. aliendoc take note!

Lost - hated the pilot, but the 2nd and 3rd episodes have been extremely enjoyable, even to the point of surpassing those from the previous season. I'm hooked.

Grey's Anatomy - made me cry the other night. I couldn't bloody believe it. :)

American Idol 5 - Taylor rules, woohoo! Only he and Kellie Pickler have been completely safe thus far. I personally think Kellie doesn't deserve to stay since she's only good at country and nothing else while the rest have upped their games and shown admirable versatility. Pity about Ace being kicked out. Will miss that dazzling smile.


DVD reviews ( short ):

The Chronicles Of Narnia - started off slow and boring but managed to salvage its dignity in the final battle scene. A tad childish for my taste though.

The Family Stone - really liked this one. A family comedy with a twist. Reminded me a little of While You Were Sleeping, but Bill Pullman's way cuter. :)

The Constant Gardener - riveting. Ralph Fiennes is gorgeous once more ( looked quite anorexic a few years back ), Rachel Weisz is exquisite, the directing superb. Too bad about the damn depressing ending.

March Of The Penguins - falls just a hair shy of the so-cute-it's-cheesy line, but very educational and sweet. However, where poignant foreign films are concerned, nothing beats Children Of Heaven in my book.

Just Like Heaven - now THIS falls right over the cheesy-cute border. Way, way, WAAAAY south of the border. Yech.

Red Eye - Daft, but Cillian Murphy's great to watch. Those eyes are just plain scary, man.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose - promising beginning which degenerates into dullsville in the last quarter. Based on a true story, we're informed. I'd just like to know why the "spiritual attacks" on the priest and his lawyer never escalated further.




It isn't the patients this time. I've had really nice people under my care this week.

However, certain "people upstairs" made my blood boil. Venom dripping beneath a calm tone of voice. Running a clinic taking priority over reviewing a critically ill patient in resus.

2 cases which were referred to subspecialties for the sole purpose of admission which subsequently got discharged without our knowledge, only to have one return for worsening symptoms ( lucky thing she didn't collapse from the total white cell count of 30,000 ), while another got recalled when we discovered she was sent home despite suspicious clinical signs ( corroborated by the abnormal x-ray report the very next morning ).

The upside - at least there's one - is being allotted one extra day off starting next month! ( Thank goodness )

And we've got more MOs this round! Quantity's settled. Now to assess and work on the quality.

( P.S. We've decided to start written tests next rotation, so make sure you study, 'cos we're pretty sick of people not bothering to read up and just treating us like walking textbooks. Don't you want to learn anything from the posting, even if you didn't choose to be here and hate it? I've been in that situation before, but hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade man. )

Last But Not Least

Many many congratulations to my fellow registrar who recently married and who'll be going on her honeymoon next week.

"Things'll happen soon for you too," she reassured me. To which I replied, "No rush. Really."

Really, there's no rush. I'm either way too busy, too tired, too sick or too cranky to think about a relationship. Hang out once in a while -- no problem. The occasional formal function -- cool.

Commitment? Err, let me think about that for another year. Or two. Or five.

In closing, I just want to officially declare that Jason Mraz is now my absolute favourite singer, beating Sting off the top spot.

This came about after I purchased his FABULOUS 'live' album, Tonight Not Again, which has been blasting non-stop in my car for the past 2 weeks.

Will review that another day.

Over and out.

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