Monday, May 01, 2006

In Short

Time-constrained yet again. Yeesh.

A fond farewell to our departing MOs. It's been a most eventful 6 months, and I'm very sad to see most of them go ( bearing in mind all postings have their fair share of black sheep, of course ).

Had a good chat with a few of them last night during a quiet spell, with one expressing a desire to apply for an A&E BST. Ah, it's always a great compliment when that happens. :)

Wednesday's D-Day. We've got a whopping 34 MOs this round ( up 12 from the current batch ), which could turn out either way depending on the situation. Let's hope we have a good bunch.

Also, greetings to our Filipino elective students, who apparently knew about my blog before they even came to Singapore. An honour indeed. :)

Conspiracy Theories?

Lots of those floating around the Taylor Hicks fansite recently, especially after Taylor was lumped into the "middle 2" with Elliot last week.

One theorist claims Taylor had the most individual votes, but was paired with Elliot who had among the lowest, while Katharine and Chris -- who had individual votes which were lower compared to Taylor's but higher than Elliot's -- got pushed together, thus essentially surpassing the Taylor / Elliot total, making them ( technically ) "the ones with the highest number of votes".

This supposedly came from a mole within the Fox network. I must say it's really quite ingenious. Wonder if this sort of thing happens in our local elections, hahahahaha.

Another hot topic is how Taylor was "forced" to change his song from "Try A Little Tenderness" to the less passionate "Just Once", because producers didn't think the former was actually a love song ( in keeping with the theme ).

What a load of crap. If you've seen Michael Buble and last season's frizzy-haired African-American what's-her-name ( ??Nadia ) sing this, you'd KNOW it's a love song through and through.

I just hope the Soul Patrollers pull through. If only I could vote, argh.

Movie Time

Following an abnormally dry spell ( last film I watched in the theatre: King Kong ), I've decided to catch one every week this month, starting with Mission: Impossible III, followed by Poseidon, The Da Vinci Code and X-Men: The Last Stand. Might as well redeem all those UOB Rewards points.

Mood Music

After reluctantly removing Jason Mraz's Tonight Not Again CD from my car stereo -- to pass it to my consultant to sample -- I've blasted Jack Johnson, Daniel Powter and Amici these past few days.

I've also realized that Johnson sounds great on a rainy day and Powter makes me speed, heh heh. Love the latter's faster tracks -- Suspect and Hollywood. Thanks again to my consultant who introduced me to his music.

Wanted to review Mraz's album but need a couple of hours to do a comprehensive one and I just don't have that kind of time right now. Apologies.
But buy it if you can. You won't regret it. ( But order the CD/DVD combo from Amazon, 'cos local stores only carry the CD, which costs as much as the combo anyhow. )

Well then, I'm off to do finish up more work. On my day off. After a whole morning spent vacuuming and mopping. With an upcoming help-mom-cook-dinner routine.

Wish I could vote in this year's GE, but kena walkover. *&^%$#@!

Bye for now.

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