Saturday, May 13, 2006

Short Entry

Top 3 Baby!

You know you're an AI fanatic -- or more accurately, a true-blue Soul Patroller -- when you SMS 5 different people to check the Internet for you while you're stuck at a luncheon, so you'll get the latest results once they're announced in the US.

Thanks, guys. Really appreciate it. :)

So here we are at last - the Final Three. I must admit my jaw dropped when I heard that Chris Daughtry got booted off. What a shock. How the heck can Katharine McPhee, who forgot her lyrics and mauled the 2 Elvis songs she covered, stay on? There's no justice in this world.

Anyhow, I'm still rooting for Taylor, but gotta admire Elliott Yamin, who's slowly starting to grow on me now that he's fighting so hard to win and blossoming both vocally and aesthetically. Does he look good in pink or what? :)

I'll just make this prediction and see if I turn out to be right -- TAYLOR HICKS WILL BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL. :D

TV Updates

Sunday nights 9pm on Starworld: Tune in to The Scholar, a reality show that pits 10 top high school students against each other in a bid to win a prestigious scholarship to the Ivy League university of their choice, worth up to US$250,000.

I thought it would be childish, but these youngsters are extremely intelligent and mature, and I've already picked my favourite -- a Vietnamese fellow named Jeremy, who's so filial and conscientious it just broke my heart when he missed out on the first challenge by a hair yet shouldered the blame for his entire team, refusing to single anyone out when pressed. Even the college admissions panel was duly impressed, saying his leadership qualities stand him in good stead for future consideration.

If only our local kids can appreciate such a programme. Young Singaporeans nowadays are such brats it sickens me.

Numb3rs Season 2 is back! The first episode airs this coming Monday at 10pm on AXN Channel 19. David Krumholtz sports longer hair this time but retains his sweet, winsome smile. I can't wait. :)

Thus begins my 12-day stretch of endless shifts with no off's ( save a day spent at the monthly 9-hour AST tutorial session ). Wish me luck.

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