Sunday, May 28, 2006


Well, for American Idol 5 fans at least.

Sorry, just had a big dinner at a formal event. Full stomach and adrenaline rush keeping me awake. And I've got church tomorrow, argh!

This is a rough transcript from CNN. The episode aired in the US on Friday night, but local cable cancelled the delayed telecast because of breaking news about the earthquake in Jogjakarta.

Am hoping they'll show this again in another time slot -- website says Monday, which confuses me.

Currently combing through the lengthy written recap. That Katharine talks A LOT!

Good quote right here:

Ryan Seacrest: So you're going to keep the gray?

Taylor Hicks: Keeping the gray. The gray will stay.

Yeah baby! :)

If you need more info regarding other TV appearances of Taylor's, check this out. Jay Leno seems to love the guy. Who can blame him? :)


Just want to say hi to the bunch of M2's who apparently read my rantings faithfully -- WHY?!?! :D

In answer to your questions as related to me by a certain oncology consultant: Yes, I'm single. Have been for the past 6 years, in fact. And nope, no plans for marriage in the near future.

It's not as if I'm averse to the concept of a relationship. But if you're wondering if there's "someone", the best response I can give is: Sort of, but he probably isn't ready, and I don't believe in pushing. Fascinating chap who never fails to surprise and amuse. Don't think he even realizes how funny he is either.

Then again, life's extremely unpredictable, and it never hurts to dream once in a while. :)

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