Saturday, June 03, 2006

Has it really been a week already? Guess time flies when you're suffering, heh heh.

The past 7 days kinda sucked, for a variety of reasons. Busy days, massive lodging due to insufficient inpatient beds, a few run-ins with the people upstairs, a few not-so-pleasant revelations about those downstairs.

One thing I've noticed though -- I've developed a knack for picking my battles. In the past, I would've fumed quite a bit, maybe lash out with a string of sarcastic remarks, end up antagonizing someone.

Now, I just take a deep breath, give it a day ( or three ) to settle down, and keep my mouth shut but my eyes wide open.

Now is not the time to show my hand. But someday... I just might.

X-Men: The Last Stand

**spoilers ahead, scroll down if you don't want to know**

There's only 1 good scene in the entire film -- where Magneto and Prof. X face off with Phoenix at her childhood home. Plays like a super-cool demonic possession / exorcism sequence rather than a superhero flick.

The rest of the movie... felt a little flat, IMHO.

Think it's the change of directorship that's to blame. Bryan Singer, who helmed the first two installments, did one heck of an excellent job, creating masterpieces which were slick and stunning, yet also moving and convincing.

Now that Brett Ratner has taken the reins, the final product feels inferior in all aspects -- it looks unfinished; the visual effects appear disjointed at times; the acting is wooden, the characters poorly fleshed out, and the bridge-lifting scene just before the climactic showdown just a tad of an, err, overkill? I mean, just get a boat lah.

So much potential which wasn't fully realized. What a pity.

**end of spoilers**

Was hoping to catch The Omen on Tuesday, but cinema operators apparently have little faith ( no pun intended ) in this horror film, relegating it to the tiniest theatres in the multiplex.

I am NOT paying $8 for a 150-seat hall. Guess this means I'll wait for the Tanglin Club screening. Or the DVD release.

Am beginning the countdown to 2 upcoming events: the Jamie Cullum show, and my trip to Europe. I need a break. Sigh.

He's surprised me yet again, by gamely agreeing to help me load up my ipod since my laptop is too ancient to handle the software ( and I don't intend to upgrade till next year when I get promoted -- might consider an iMac hmm ). He definitely isn't the sort to do such favours just because he's asked to, and I am eternally grateful. :)

Two TV shows to look out for next week onwards: Criminal Minds ( Tuesdays 11pm ) and Commander In Chief ( Thursdays 11pm ), both on Channel 5. Think I saw something about the former sharing the same creators as Supernatural, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, don't miss either one. :)

Picture Time!

Beautiful photo of Taylor with the kids at a Today Show taping, thanks to Yelena who shared them on this fansite.

Kinda reminds me of Clay when he was in Aceh with the children at a camp there ( photo on my blog somewhere ). Awwww. :)

If you want more, go to this thread, but take your cardiac meds first, haha. You need to be a registered member, but it's free.

Got a couple of days' leave coming up. I absolutely refuse to work on my birthday.

Have a good week, everyone.

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