Monday, June 26, 2006

Check It Out

Just doing my part to promote this before the SMA goes on a publicity blitz next month.

SMA Forum

Still a neonate which needs lots of TLC, but we hope to engage as many participants as possible and help the local medical community become more cohesive.

So spread the word to everyone you know.

( Bit of a downside is the high probability of the press dropping in since it's accessible to the public. Hmm, think I'd better bring that up with the boss. )

Counting Down...

Haven't been posting as much lately due to numerous commitments. May not be able to write much since I'm flying off next week and currently pretty stressed out with various preparations. Need to collect my uploaded ipod, dispense house and car keys, settle my cat care issues, attend an AST course, study for a test, &*%$#@#$%.

Anyway, it's something to keep my spirits up. Am hoping Germany will make it to the finals -- for purely selfish reasons, heh heh. If they win the World Cup this year, I'm gonna be in the thick of the action man! ( But it remains to be seen whether they'll beat Argentina in the next match -- long shot, but not impossible. )

More another day. My next entry may be from the airport, haha. :)

p.s. Welcome back, florecitos!

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