Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ahhh :)

2 days of leave can be soooooo therapeutic. :D

Had a very enjoyable dinner with the fellow who's helping me with the ipod, during which something both unexpected and amusing occurred ( won't bother you with the details, heh heh ). Funnily enough, we bumped into Lim Kay Siu ( brother of local veteran actor Lim Kay Tong ) seated at a long table of fellow media industry execs, just adjacent to ours.

Another terrific lunch followed the next day, with my bestest friend in the whole world ( you know who you are :)). If you haven't yet discovered the heavenly sauces at the Rice Table, then haul your butt down to any outlet and make sure you fast from midnight onwards!

And here's a little tidbit for you: Geox. Great stuff. Look it up.
Thanks to my JC pal, A, for introducing it to me. :)

Also redeemed more vouchers along the way ( just love 'em :)), picking up DVDs of Zoolander and LA Confidential for free. Would've swiped a whole lot of other Kevin Spacey films if they'd had stock, but alas, I wasn't that fortunate.

Currently glued to yet another excellent book from the amazing Tanglin Club library, titled Phantoms in the Mind by Dr. V.S. Ramachandran, in which he discusses a string of fascinating cases and neurological conditions, but also offers beautiful insights into the workings of the human mind and his views on medical research -- there's an analogy in the introduction chapter about talking pigs, which I found absolutely hilarious. :D

Unfortunately, I'm severely behind in getting round to my other books ( purchases, not rents ), including works by Sherwin B. Nuland, Samuel Shem, Anthony Bourdain and John Berendt.

The last fellow wrote my fav book of all time, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. His follow-up, The City of Falling Angels, was just released in paperback, which gave me the perfect excuse to buy it. Can't believe I haven't read it yet, but that's what happens when you're swamped with work.

Think I'll end up bringing a few of these to Europe. Am quite sure there'll be lots of time to rest, relax and flip the pages with a hot cuppa tea then. Must find a nice lake to sit next to. :)

Another Photo For Ya

He really looks like a star here, don't you think?

How come I can't find any magazines with him on the cover? Even Rolling Stone put Clay Aiken on the front in 2003...

Let the countdown begin. Less than a month to go and I'm outta here, woohoo!
Reviews of Criminal Minds and Commander In Chief to follow.

P.S. Mark your calendars: Inside The Actors Studio is back! Airs every Tuesday night at 11pm on Arts Central. Last night featured Tom Hanks. Credits state episodes produced in 2006. Angelina Jolie is up next week. Can't get any better than that. :)

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