Saturday, August 26, 2006

Looking Good

Got this through a mailing list today. New members definite -- guy on the extreme right resembles Jonathan Togo from CSI: Miami, no? :)

Better still, you can sample the tracks. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studio, no less, the result is pretty impressive, considering how cheesy previous albums have been ( I have one copy -- only for autograph-collecting purposes -- but skipped Tenology altogether ).

From the short excerpts I heard, think almost all are up to standard, production- and vocals-wise. I happen to detest Il Divo ( apologies to hard-core fans ), but the Ten Tenors keep the vibratos and melodrama adequately regulated, which prevents me from developing a migraine.

Currently on tour in Europe, followed by the US, let's hope they'll drop by Singapore very soon. Have seen them twice before, then passed on the 3rd show 'cos I thought it was getting repetitive. Now, I'm pretty psyched to watch them again.

Especially the Jonathan Togo lookalike.

Heh heh.

Too Controversial?

My email must've been too strongly worded.

Sent some comments to the paper recently, discussing the farce / failure named "Singapore Idol". My suggestions included scrapping the phone / SMS charges completely, so that calls and text messages will revert to standard rates and hence encourage those sitting on their posteriors ( e.g. myself ) to vote.

I mean, think about it -- every vote costs a very unreasonable 60 cents, and you're not even sure if you're making that much of a difference considering some lousy contestants' rabidly loyal fanbases. Sure, I can call 10 times, but will this trump the fans' 100, or 1000?

Personally, I see no point in spending that kind of money unless I'm at least 80% sure of a positive result.

If Joakim wins this competition, good luck to Ken Lim ( who will manage him ) and BMG Records ( who will see their investment flushed down the toilet ).

Hady did a great job, as usual. Is "sexy beast" from Austin Powers or some Brit movie? Anyway, the term suits him perfectly. :)

House 2

I realize I've sung its praises to the high heavens in the past, but does anyone agree that Season 2 has kicked off to a rather limp start?

Into its 2nd episode, and not one quote-worthy House-ism in sight! And what's with all the mushy empathizing nonsense? Noooooo....

Give me the heartless, sarcastic, vulgar, rude "bored diagnostician", who whacks people with his stick, pops opioid pills and spits on surgeons' scrubs in the OT. If I see another scene of House sitting by a patient's bedside on the verge of tears, I'm literally going to regurgitate my dinner.

It's up for a Best Drama Series Emmy, but let's be honest, I'm rooting for Grey's Anatomy.

However, tune in to reruns of Nip / Tuck Season 1, which airs right after House ( Monday nights, AXN ). Julian McMahon is absolutely delish. :)


To JS, who revealed in a recent email exchange that she reads my blog and actually enjoys it.

I'm always flattered by any form of attention -- good or bad ( urgh - take note :)), but JS is somewhat different, though I'm not at liberty to divulge details.

Again, I appreciate the feedback, and hope you'll keep reading, or perhaps start your own blog someday ( if you haven't already done so ).


'Live' telecast of the Emmy Awards 2006- Monday 9am local time, Channel 5.

Even More Important

Got this from an Amazon discussion thread. Must try!

Best sample of the lot ( stress "sample" not "track" ): Here You Come Again, a song I'm not familiar with, but which showcases Clay's voice at its best -- gentle, emotional, effortless.
Wonder if it's an original written specially for him? Good stuff.

Release slated for mid-September. Get your money ready. :)

More available on Amazon.

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