Sunday, August 20, 2006


3 Weeks And Counting...

Wow, time really flies when you're in a foreign environment.

Getting the hang of things, but think I'm a little too paranoid sometimes, making cover-everyone's-posterior type of decisions. I actually told a consultant last night that I wanted to admit a patient "to avoid another ST headline", to which he laughed good-naturedly.

Anyhow, a word of caution to all ST readers -- especially those in the medical profession: the paper needs some serious fact-checking, so take everything with a pinch of salt. I tell you this based on firsthand accounts of hapless victims whose names got smeared for no good reason. Patients and their families love to spice up their stories to suit their own purposes.

The Divine Mr. A-Z

A million thanks to aliendoc for the wonderful Live at Java Joe's CD, which features even more original songs that don't appear on his studio recordings, the best of which is undeniably Dream Life of Rand McNally.

All the delicious Jason Mraz ingredients are present in abundance -- acoustic guitar, crisp delivery, naughty lyrics and wordplay, perfect vocals -- and at an epic 8-plus minutes, you'll still find yourself craving more.

Have been playing this particular piece on recurrent repeat mode since I got the album Friday. Heaven. :)

Truth Or Dare?

I've known about this case for ages, but it's still a shocker.

Currently, I'm sitting on the fence about his guilt / innocence. He may not be JonBenet's killer, but he's definitely guilty of SOMETHING.

Did you see him on CNN? Those eyes gave me the chills, man.

Those interested can hunt down John Douglas' terrific book, The Cases That Haunt Us, in which he profiles the murderer. Can't recall whether John Mark Karr fits it to a T, but I'm curious about its accuracy.

Another Photo

Software's a bit cranky lately, so will post that another day.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

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