Thursday, September 14, 2006

Drum Roll...

Congratulations Hady and Jonathan!

Is this an eerie duplication of the last Singapore Idol finals or what? I.e. 2 guys, one Malay, one Chinese, even the same hairstyles...

I've always betted on these two since the beginning.

And I say Hady will win.

His rendition of Desperado was very moving. Love his voice. Love his stage presence. Love his taste in music.

p.s. Yes, I decided to vote. Started last week in fact. My mom pushed me into it. Says she'll split the phone bill with me, haha. :)

October Theme Issue

It's gonna be a whopper, and just read an article submission which will blow your brains out.

Stay tuned...

Music News

September 18th -- Clay Aiken's highly anticipated new album will be in local stores a day before its release in the US. Mark your calendars!

Other CDs I need to get my hands on:

John Mayer's Continuum -- when are they going to bring him in for a concert already?!

Shayne Ward's self-titled effort -- typical boy-band look and sound, but he definitely has a voice. Stand By Me is fantastic.

Lots of work to plough through. Till next time.

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