Saturday, February 23, 2008

Early Predictions for American Idol 7

It's never too soon to make a few so-called bets ( though mine are strictly non-profit in nature :)).

Top Favourite: David Archuleta. Hands down.

He was featured prominently throughout the audition and Hollywood week episodes, and has proven formidable with his unbelievable performance of The Miracles' Shop Around a few days ago.

Despite being a tender 17 ( and refreshingly innocent for someone his age, considering teens these days ), he owns a jaw-dropping set of pipes, hitting those beautiful high notes perfectly and exuding stage presence like a pro.

No surprise then that he was a winner on Star Search when he was only 12 years old. This boy has significant prior experience to back him up.

Still, there's no mistaking his God-given talent. I would even say that of all the seasons so far, David is the only one who boasts the oft-talked-about "whole package" -- i.e. good looks, great voice, star quality. ( Carrie Underwood comes a close second, but she blossomed only AFTER winning the title. ) His age is an advantage rather than an impediment. If he keeps this up and audiences remain loyal, he can easily win this competition.

His reaction to the judges' high praise was so hilarious! Stunned speechless and stammering uncontrollably, he even got Ryan Seacrest nudging him in the ribs. It was a rare heartwarming TV moment. :)

2nd Top Favourite: Jason Castro, age 20

This fellow, on the other hand, was hardly seen this past month, and only made his big debut this week singing What A Day For A Daydream - a folksy, happy piece showcasing his comfort with a guitar and minimal backup from the band.

His vocals didn't wow me the way David's did, but he does have an easy, slightly goofy charm, nicely complemented by the odd yet appealing combination of dreadlocks and warm blue eyes.

Based on this 1st performance, he's definitely a contender. But it remains to be seen whether he can remain consistent and survive to the end.

3rd Top Favourite: Ramiele Malubay, 20

Very talented, this one. She's the only female contestant I can stomach, and her rendition of You Don't Have To Say You Love Me was terrific.

She's got a huge voice for someone so tiny, and the tone is a husky soulful mix yet superbly controlled in terms of volume.

Last year's crop of contestants was a letdown ( winner Jordin Sparks? puh-leeze ), but this batch looks mighty promising.

Update On John Lloyd Young

He's giving his debut solo concert Feb 23rd ( Sunday morning Singapore time ) at the Lincoln Center, performing songs from the '60s. Read a recent interview here.

Wish I could be there, but alas, I'm stuck here. Working. Bleah. :)

Congratulations, Singapore

I rarely get excited about local news events, but this is considered a huge coup, so it's something to look forward to eh?

All I can think about is how our hospital is going to be the designated first-line medical centre yet again. Not necessarily a bad thing, but colleagues who had to endure some major prima donna behaviour from World Bank delegates 2 years ago have made me wary of foreign visitors coming to our ER expecting VIP treatment.

I mean, we promise to do our best for you medically, but within reason. If I have a collapse or a critical patient, don't expect me to come running over to treat a minor condition that can jolly well wait.


It's going to be a busy week ahead, not to mention a crazy schedule next month.

However, I'm thrilled that the SMA News nabbed interviews with 2 high-profile medical figures recently ( both from the US ), one of whom is so renowned he's a regular guest on Larry King Live.

Shall not ruin the surprise. Watch for them in our February and March issues. :)

Wishing you a fun weekend.

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