Friday, February 01, 2008

A Short Entry

Just returned to work after a week-long break, and it's still a warzone in the ER.

But at least there's some element of crowd control now, with the new staff-card-only access to the Critical Care Area. ( It's about %^&*$ time. )

There're a few reasons I didn't blog during my short holiday ( even though I didn't travel overseas ).

1) was too busy ( sustained a few bruises from spring-cleaning )
2) preferred vegetating to blogging, which can sometimes be quite tiring
3) wanted to blog about controversial topics, but thought better of it
4) recently switched to digital cable, and am now preoccupied with Foxcrime and E! Entertainment :)
5) am a bit fed up about a few things ( which I may or may not blog about )

Further updates will follow once I have time and am in the right frame of mind to write coherently.

In the meantime, only 2 days to The Police concert, woohoo!

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