Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Few Brief Reviews

Before I start, I'd like to say hello to the visitor from Harvard University, whoever you may be. :)

Wall*E - Finally rented the DVD this week, and am suprisingly disappointed. I guess all the rave reviews raised my expectations a tad too much. Didn't enjoy it anywhere as much as I did Ratatouille and Finding Nemo. But there were definitely a few classic scenes - like the one with Wall*E and E.V.E. escaping from a diagnostics lab with a renegade group of defective robots in tow.

Surf's Up - This one's much much better. Probably not a box-office behemoth compared to Pixar's films, but the script is super-smart and full of inside jokes, coming fast and furious and delivered beautifully by the cast, led by Shia LaBeouf. That boy just excels at everything he does.

27 Dresses - Also disappointing, despite the leads, whom I really like. Guess the plot was too thin to sustain the 2-hour running time. The last 30 minutes REALLY dragged.

Made Of Honor - I thought this Patrick Dempsey flick was pretty good actually. Never mind the lukewarm reviews, my personal taste in movies has been taking some strange detours of late. The only complaint I have is the slapstick bits, which I found unnecessary.

Perfect Stranger - Yes, the one with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, which was skewered by critics. I enjoyed it. Thought the acting and script were decent, and there's a nice twist at the end which I never saw coming. Give it a try.

Breaking Dawn - Book 4 of the Twilight series is picking up speed in the mid-section. Just got whacked with 2 major plot developments, and considering how blase I am about most storylines, these gave me major adrenaline rushes!
L, for your benefit, I'm talking about Jacob's imprinting, and the horrific birthing scene ( not suitable for young readers ).

I smell a sequel on the horizon. Who needs Midnight Sun when you've got RENESMEE? :)

It's gonna be 2009 in another 3 days. May you all have a great New Year celebration - I'll be at home watching television. :D

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