Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Showdown

Am reading the American Idol Forums since local TV and StarHub cable networks inexplicably decided not to air a 'live' telecast of the finals performance show.

Good recap here ( scroll down ).
L, you'll be happy to know that Adam chose to sing Mad World again, since you like that song. :)
I personally would've preferred If I Can't Have You. Have heard the full studio version, which is nothing short of crazy-fabulous!

Don't read the forum review if you don't want to see other spoilers - you've been warned!

As you know, I've been rooting for Adam from the word go, and hope he secures the title. He deserves it!

And, Jason Mraz fans rejoice, 'cos Mr. A-Z is going to be on the results show tomorrow, YES!
Buzz so far is that he'll do a solo - Keith Urban will duet with Kris - but I'm hoping he'll sing with either Kris or Adam ( the latter combo would be much more interesting, of course ).
AI8 is the perfect platform for Jason to go truly global and reach audiences who haven't experienced his stage presence before. Blow them away, J!

Preliminary Feedback?

Two things:

1) The new group blog - we've been getting quite a few hits from The Singapore Daily, so thanks for the free publicity.
There're about 6 doctors contributing to Singapore MD, but like I mentioned before, we've all been rather caught up with various things recently, and hope to write more regularly in the near future.
Comments are most welcome, so hope you'll leave a few when you visit.

2) Mind-bending encounters

Had one just 2 days ago, when a new MO told me s/he's never done a proctoscopic exam before.
I've had my share of shocking revelations over the past 10 years, and although this doesn't take the cake ( I've had much worse ), it's definitely a new one.
Don't ask me how s/he managed to get through med school and housemanship without ever having to stick a proctoscope up a patient. I think I asked him/her about this, but s/he dodged the question.

Will wonders never cease?

Am nursing a headache even after a full day of rest post-Monday hell. Not looking forward to the night shift later, but at least I've got American Idol finals Part 1 & 2 to keep my spirits up. Go, Adam! :)

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