Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Jane Austen Book Club Online

Wow, someone actually uploaded the movie on YouTube!

You can watch the film in 10-minute segments ( Part 13 was removed by the user, but you get the idea by Part 12 ).

Part 5 has a really nice scene which starts at the 7th minute. To put things in context, Emily Blunt's a high school teacher, and the guy's one of her students. Won't spill the rest of the beans. :)

Part 7 is a lunch scene, but NOT the one I wrote about. This sequence starts in Part 6, and I just love the dialogue. At the end of Part 6, Dancy says "I like difficult things.", which I found hilarious.
His character's one of the sweetest around. If I've piqued your interest, watch the rest of the clips and start at the very beginning to see how he and Maria Bello's character first meet, and how their relationship progresses.

Part 8 is something our Ministry of Education will frown upon. Haha.

Part 9 - Now THIS is the lunch scene where Dancy looks fabulous! Starts at the 60-second mark. Make sure you watch it in full-screen mode. :)

Last but not least, congratulations to Jamie Cullum, who just announced his engagement to Sophie Dahl. Never expected him to get hitched so soon, but it's great that he has.
Jason Mraz is more elusive in the marriage department. Hope he stays single a while longer. :D

It's 2am. Wonder if I should log off... maybe not. :)

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