Friday, December 18, 2009

Great Video Clips

Unearthed these hilarious Viggo Mortensen interviews. :)

With David Letterman, Part 1 and Part 2.
The latter has a priceless story about duck hunting. LOL.

And with Jon Stewart. Key phrase: "4-hour erection". Heh!

Quite surprising to see VM's easy sense of humour. Don't think he's ever done any comedy before. Think he should start, like James Marsden did with Enchanted. Someone should also persuade VM to star in a musical. It's a talent that ought to be shared with moviegoers all over the world.

And... a clip from So You Think You Can Dance Season 4, of an unbelievable Bollywood dance routine.

They are such consummate pros, picking up the steps within a week yet looking as if they've been doing this their entire lives.
Joshua emerged the victor in this competition - was curious why when I read the result on the Net, but it's becoming pretty clear to me now. :)

After wearing out Adam Lambert's CD on the car stereo, I'm now blasting Robbie Williams' Reality Killed The Video Star.
Definitely his best work since Sing When You're Winning, which spawned monster hit Rock DJ, among others.
One of my favourite tracks, Do You Mind, has been incorporated into a very stylish montage. The song gets cut off halfway, but the "video" gets high points for looking really professional.

Full album reviews to follow at a later date.

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