Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photo Break

As I reach the last hour of a HORRIBLE night shift, my thoughts drift ( no pun intended :)) to the Sea World Aquarium.

This is just one of many photos taken at this wonderful place. I could've spent a couple of hours just standing and staring at the display, but not possible when you're with your mum, plus 2 other friends.

The variety of fish is staggering, and the reef an explosion of vibrant colour. Here's a female visitor doing some snorkeling, with a shark swimming around below her ( not pictured ).

Love the tranquil New Age soundtrack playing in the background. Dropped by on a Sunday so the place was packed with family groups. But the kids were very well-behaved, and everyone huddled in hushed awe.

A definite must-see if you're ever at the Gold Coast.

By the way, a big hello to the regular visitor from Google headquarters, whoever you may be. Always an honour to have any Google staff member show an interest in my inane rants. :)

Anyway, I just discovered that the Adam Lambert video has been removed from YouTube, due to copyright issues. Boo...

A consolation: YouTube now mysteriously works on my office computer, though I doubt this will last. So I'm posting another link for your viewing pleasure - something from So You Think You Can Dance Season 4, which I'm currently watching on cable's AXN channel.

So far, this is the one routine I remember and love. Mark Kanemura - the sexy dude in this video - transformed from a quirky dancer who did crab-like movements at his auditions, into an utterly believable Spanish Lothario.

I can't dance, but I do enjoy watching the pros do it. :)

And make sure you watch them salsa, yow!

Time to do an exit round.

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