Friday, June 18, 2010

Bliss Part 20

YouTube clips from the 2010 Tony Awards!

Matthew Morrison is soooooo delicious. :)

And some kind soul has uploaded the entire ceremony.
Begin with Part 1 and move your way down the list, woohoo!

[ p.s. Check out Part 4, which has a totally hilarious bit at 5 min 20 secs. I shall not ruin the surprise. :) ]

As for Glee, part 2 of season 1 is just too marvelous for words, so here's a chunk of fabulous video clips!

My current favourite: an earth-shattering performance of Dream On by Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris. The last 20 seconds are unbelievable!

Next fave: a dreamy Morrison-Kristin Chenoweth duet on One Less Bell To Answer. I already love this song, but these 2 Broadway veterans whacked it right out of the stratosphere!

3rd fave: another Morrison-Chenoweth duet, this time on Fire. Fantastique!

The best part? The songs are all downloadable from the Internet. Yes!

Something I haven't blogged about yet - my birthday celebration, which by the way, is still ongoing. :)

The b-day weekend itself was spent at the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Booked a hotel room for the night and brought my parents along for the ride.
Spent more than 12 hours at the casino itself, retiring to bed only at 3am.
Greatly enjoyed the slot machines - one of which paid me $250 within an hour heh! - but also had a good time watching others at the card and roulette tables. Didn't try my luck at any of them though. $25 per game of blackjack?! I'm too wimpy to blow that kind of money...

A couple of days ago, I spent a laughter-filled evening with friends and relatives, eating our hearts out at Pete's Place at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Haven't been there in quite a while, but the food remains excellent, and I am especially pleased with the fact that I may have matchmade 2 young people in the process. Let's hope for a good outcome! :D

I've got a few other meet-ups scheduled, and the gifts keep trickling in. Some were expected, some were not, but they are all warmly appreciated so thank you! :)

Of course, the real b-day celebration will take place only in late August, when I take my annual holiday overseas. This year's destination promises lots of excitement, particularly in the food and wine departments. I've already contacted someone via a penpal site, who's more than happy to take me around. Looking forward to that!

Current recreational reading: Darkly Dreaming Dexter - i.e. Part 1 of the Dexter series.
Of all the novels, this is the only one that's similar to the TV show, and although I've seen the small-screen version, the book is no less enjoyable.
One of my favourite quotes comes very early: I am a very neat monster.
More quotes to follow shortly. :)

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