Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Adam Lambert Photos & Videos from the Singapore Grand Prix, 26th September 2010

Taking a short break from blogging about France, so Adam's S'porean fans can have a look at these.

Please feel free to download! Just right click on your mouse. :)

Here's a shot of the crowd at the Village Stage
in Zone 1.
I arrived with a couple of colleagues who didn't really feel up to jostling with the die-hard Glamberts in front, so I stayed near the back for the first 20 minutes or so.

Once my companions left for the F1 drivers' parade, I was free to roam as I wished, and managed to "excuse me, pardon me" my way through to a much better position, close to the stage. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly which song matches each picture. Offhand, the ones with the backup dancers probably include Fever, Strut and If I Had You ( these came later in the set, after I moved ).

Ah, Adam looks gorgeous, as always. :D

If anybody remembers what he was singing in this shot, please leave a comment. I was too excited and busy with the camera to take note. :)

Adam did not disappoint with his performance - flawless and powerful vocals, sexy stage presence, lots of attitude that complemented the fast numbers fabulously.

Special mention goes to his live rendition of Soaked, which I tried to record but my camera decided to die on me so I missed out on the glory notes. Argh!

Adam's at his best when in the high registers. I got goosebumps despite the sweltering weather, and my male colleague - who's married with kids - even leaned over to comment that Adam's got one impressive set of pipes!

The Sunday show was only 40 minutes long. Supposed to start at 5:40pm but was delayed till 6pm, so I felt a bit cheated ( 20 minutes is significant! ). Not sure what happened, and there was no encore, most likely because the organizers wanted the crowd to go watch the drivers' parade ( but honestly, no-one there could care less, we were all screaming for Adam! ).

Still, it was great to see him at last. I've been a fan since his days on American Idol, and it was a lucky coincidence that he happened to be at a stage near my location, on the one day I was at the race.

The icing on the cake: I didn't have to pay for anything. :)

Best wishes for a long and successful career, Adam! I hope to see you at a full concert - with seats this time - in the very near future.

YouTube video links are also up!

If I Had You, and Strut.


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