Friday, January 14, 2011

Entry #2

One of my New Year resolutions for 2011 is to post a Kevin Spacey or Kevin Spacey-related picture with every post I make here.

This entry's selection: a poster for Casino Jack, a movie that is getting rave reviews and which has earned Mr. Spacey a Golden Globe nomination, but that will probably never see the light of day in local cinemas.

( And if you're wondering what The Social Network has to do with the Hollywood star, he executive-produced it. )

As expected, Mr. Spacey's been doing a whirlwind press tour promoting the new film. A few videos worth sharing:

1) His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago. Part 3 is especially enjoyable, because he does an impression which I've never seen before, but which is also 100% spot-on. ROFL :D

2) A super-hilarious interview with Conan O'Brien, where he does yet another impression I'm seeing for the first time.
( For the record, I think Conan is 10 times funnier than Jay Leno. :))

3) Just uploaded: a priceless exchange with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report, aired this afternoon Singapore time. Who is Keyser Soze? *cue ominous music*

If you can, catch the 'live' telecast of the Golden Globes awards ceremony, to be shown on cable ( not sure about free-to-air TV ) this coming Monday from 9am onwards. I'll be post-call, and Mr. Spacey's confirmed to be presenting, so I'm not going to miss this for the world!

How have the last 10 days been otherwise?

Aside from the usual work hassles - the MOs are regressing and require more hand-holding with each passing day, how ridiculous is that - I've been pushing myself to write a lot more than I used to, and devouring writing resource materials with gusto.

I've also set up yet another blog, at a site that's famous for offering book and movie deals to writers who manage to distinguish themselves from the pack.

My first entry a week ago was very well-received, considering I'm a newbie, and I've been bitten by the writing bug in a major way, drawing inspiration from readers' comments and tips from established and successful writers in the magazines and books I'm now poring through.

Just wish I could've started all this 10 years ago. Life could've been very different!

To friends who've asked, I'm sorry I can't direct you to the new blog, because I need complete anonymity in order to let go of my inhibitions.

I may, however, consider revealing this blog to the frequent visitor from Google headquarters, if s/he drops me an email. I am not joking. :)

So please forgive me if the posts on It's A Zoo Out There aren't as effusive as they once were. I have a finite amount of energy, and this needs to be diverted elsewhere, at least for the time being.

Wish me luck, and have a great weekend!

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