Friday, January 28, 2011

Entry #3

I realize the titles are very unimaginative, but I'm on a roll here, so bear with me. :)

This week's Kevin Spacey photo is a publicity shot for yet another upcoming release, Margin Call.

The synopsis itself reeks of Wall Street 2 ( which sucks, by the way ). But I'm game to watch anything with Mr. Spacey in it, even if it's bad ( e.g. The Life Of David Gale ). But this, like Casino Jack, probably will not make it to local cinemas, so I'll have to rely on my Megavideo subscription once more.

And speaking of Megavideo, I need to find time to watch all the Oscar-nominated films within the next 4 weeks, before the actual awards ceremony. Am most excited about The King's Speech and The Kids Are All Right. Have already seen The Social Network, Inception and Toy Story 3. Won't be making any outright predictions, but am partial to The Social Network because Mr. Spacey's an executive producer. :)

A pity he wasn't nominated for his role in Casino Jack. Fans and critics have lauded his performance, but alas, the Academy isn't jumping on the wagon.

American Idol season 10 debuted last week, to much fanfare. Sadly, the formula remains the same, though with a slight shift away from the negative. No more Simon Cowell and his nasty comments. The new judges are generous with their compliments, but only Steven Tyler stands out with his unexpectedly bubbly sense of humour.

Jennifer Lopez can't be happy about being outshone. She tries so hard to be the mother hen, but Tyler's sincerity and kindness come through in simple acts. Tonight's episode featured a young man whose fiancee is wheelchair-bound and mentally handicapped after a tragic accident. The judges asked to meet her, but only Tyler gave her a hug, before hugging members of the contestant's family. Randy Jackson and Lopez kept their distance. C'mon, you're on national TV! Act a little!

Am currently halfway through Sex And The City 2. My mum LOVES the franchise, and despite really bad reviews of the movie sequel, we're both enjoying it immensely.
In fact, Abu Dhabi looks so magnificent that we're seriously contemplating a holiday there. We have Australian friends who jet there annually. Maybe we should meet up. :)
My only grouse is that the actresses have aged significantly since the last film, yet refuse to act appropriately. Sarah Jessica Parker's wrinkles make her attempts at being girlish practically laughable. Are you going to keep at it even when you turn 50?
Chris Noth - aka Mr. Big - however, looks fabulous. Went through a heavily-overweight phase, but has slimmed down tremendously, and flaunts it in a few shirtless scenes. Good for him!

Another guilty pleasure: The Secret, which I started reading a couple of days ago, out of curiosity. Granted, the premise itself is ludicrous. I mean, if everything in life were this easy, there'd be no poverty / famine / cancer / obesity, etc.

I tested it out this afternoon, concentrating REALLY hard on a climate change I desperately needed ( long story ). Didn't materialize. But the all-important final outcome, which I also pictured as vividly as I possibly could, did come true. So I don't know if The Secret is working in a roundabout way, because I haven't mastered it yet, or is it a load of bull, plain and simple?

Tested it again during my night shift, with mixed results. Wished for a VERY quiet call, but it was busy until about 4am, before slowing to a trickle. Nothing unusual, but then, we got a bonus in the form of a transitional year resident ( the equivalent of a house officer ), who's extra-numerary, so we ended up with 5 MOs instead of the daily 4.
The Secret's merry-go-round power in action yet again? Hmmm...

Writing efforts-wise, my new and completely secret blog hasn't quite taken off yet, but I know I must be patient, and am confident that with time, a breakthrough will materialize. Have been reading many other more well-known blogs, which awe and humble me. While many have complimented my skills with the written word, I know they are nothing compared to the world's biggest players.

But in an effort to push myself and take this seriously, I intend to enter an international writing contest and submit a couple of entries. Have been tossing around a few ideas, settled on the dominant themes and narrative arcs, but need quiet time to flesh them out properly.

Not easy at all!

Perhaps my mind will stop drawing a blank when I go on a week's break starting today.

Till next time...

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Great review. The Abu Dhabi scenes were actually filmed in Morocco. I met Sarah Jessica Parker before her Sex and City days. Lovely, gracious lady. Sharon Stone could learn a thing or two about class from her.