Friday, April 04, 2003

Late night entry here. On call, and just finished reviewing and clerking a whole chunk of cases. Sigh. Had an alarming admission of a lady with metastatic cancer involving the lungs with ?superimposed pneumonia -- nothing unusual, except that she stayed at TTSH for 10 days, and was discharged about a week ago! I took no chances and donned the N95 mask, though it didn't feel very protective. Anyway, we're observing her for now as she doesn't exhibit classical signs of SARS, but I kinda feel sorry for the other patients in her cubicle, who are oblivious to her history. Crossing my fingers for them :)

Anyway, thought I'd add a link to this other blog, whose author is an American family physician, and who somehow came across my blog and included it on her site. Many thanks! Let me return the favour -- you can read visit her webpage at this address.

I think the SARS epidemic will settle soon. I'm currently trying to allay my parents' fears so I can have a life again -- the department is understandably still quite demoralized, as the TTSH patients are swarming to CGH in droves, adding to our already heavy workloads and making us all very exhausted. So I've been assigned as the "social IC" and am expected to organize an MO get-together at some posh place, followed by pubbing ( you guessed it, I'll probably pick the newly renovated Bar None :)). I always get arrowed with the task of taking people out. Could never understand it!

I'll make my way to the call room then. Still have a few empty beds left, but as long as they don't come in till after 8am, I'm happy. :D

Btw, Corey Clark was kicked off American Idol for failing to reveal a prior police record. Due to his absence, there was no voting process this week, so everyone stayed on. But with Corey gone, my hopes for Clay are now even higher, 'cos I considered the former the only serious threat to the latter. So Clay, here's wishing you a smooth journey to the finish line, and a sweet victory!

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