Friday, April 11, 2003

Thought I'd make a short entry here.
I take a lot of interest in the people who visit my blog, and just want to thank all of you who helped spread the word about my website. I spotted posts on, as well as the Pacific Internet forum and a few personal webpages. Really appreciate all your support! :)

A special mention to the MO who saw the housekeeping staff during his call last night. Unfortunately, he didn't wear a mask when he examined her, and upon finding out she could have SARS, he was understandably upset and frightened. Spare a few moments for this friend of mine, who's got a great life ahead of him -- he's an emergency medicine trainee who's taking the Part 2 with me later this year, and will be getting married in October to a really sweet girl. I find that prayer does help, so any additional good wishes would be good for him.

No definite news on the extension of our postings yet, but rumours are flying everywhere. All you new med school grads, take heart, 'cos we seniors will take good care of you. Just make sure you protect yourself at all times, and don't hang around crowded areas outside of work too much. Sure, it's pretty dangerous right now, but you may never encounter something of this scale ever again in your lifetime, so make the most of your experience during this historic event. Years from now, you can tell your grand-children -- or your great grand-children! -- "Yes, I was at the frontlines of the SARS outbreak!" :)

Keep your comments coming. A few of my fellow MOs and HOs also drop by, and would love to hear your opinions.

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