Wednesday, May 04, 2005

AUGH!!! - Part Deux

I'm frustrated. Can you tell? :/

1. I had a crappy shift today. "Crappy" being a euphemism for something else, that is.

[ This post was deleted at the request of unnamed parties. Hopefully, most of my readers caught it during its brief 48 hours of publication, haha. ]

2. My Peter Cincotti autographs MAY have gotten lost in the mail.

This put an additional damper on an already taxing day.


Can't talk about this. Too depressing.

3. Rob and Amber may win The Amazing Race.


4. Scott Savol may win American Idol 4.


5. I don't have time to see Kingdom Of Heaven.

Even though I've got a day off tomorrow. Ah, the perks of being a registrar.

Five items look just about enough. May have more in later entries. Yippee.

Brief Reviews

I have to get some rest, so will keep these short.

The Sound Of Music direct from Broadway, New York, was absolutely glorious.

Flawless vocals, majestic sets, wonderful orchestra, beautiful child actors.

And of course, the timeless music of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I'm not very proud of admitting this, but having seen the film countless times, the stage version just hit me in the right spot, causing my eyes to water on many occasions, the major wave hitting during Edelweiss. *sniffle*

THIS is why I simply MUST spend 6 months in NYC. :)

In comparison, Laura Fygi's concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was... a muted affair.

Didn't expect the crowd ( if you can call it that ) to be so small. Considering the Stadium's 10,000 seating capacity - as evidenced by the Sting and Robbie Williams shows I've attended - the response for this show was actually very disappointing.

Thankfully, Laura and gang gave their all, and I did enjoy their music and ( ahem ) antics. The satisfyingly long performance ( with an intermission, wow ) covered everything from classic jazz to bossa nova to playful stuff ( believe it, she DID oblige with a Marilyn Monroe impersonation :)).

The skits were the best, in particular a bit where Laura sang Dream A Little Dream with the guys playing what I think sounded like kazoos ( rather than the "duck whistles" one reporter mentioned ). Or maybe they're one and the same, who knows.
Right smack in the middle, during the bridge, they launched into Mr. Sandman. What a riot! Better still, the audience recognized the tune immediately and started applauding and laughing. :D

Magical moments were also present, specifically her duet with the pianist on My Foolish Heart, and another one with the guitarist on a lovely, haunting Besame Mucho. It's things like this which just make the whole day seem perfect, no matter how horrible it might have been.

Special mention also goes out to her good-looking saxophonist, who looks like Colin Firth and sings in a smooth baritone ( he did Baby It's Cold Outside with Laura, to raucous cheers ). And he's the lone single in the group. Hmmmm... :)

Ahh, my mood has lightened significantly, and not a moment too soon either, since I have to lie down before suffering major consequences tomorrow ( full day ahead, no fun ).

And just for kicks, check this out.

The punchline? I will be in Rome that very day, and may just be able to attend his show, woohoo! Talk about strange coincidences! :D

Over and out.

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