Saturday, April 30, 2005

Warning: Venting Session Ahead

If you aren't interested in what I have to say about Peter Cincotti or Constantine Maroulis, then please, skip to my last entry made on 28th April ( containing a review of Peter's Singapore showcase, among other things ) .

To quote characters from Peanuts and Sherman's Lagoon...


Two reasons:

1. I missed the opportunity to meet Peter Cincotti in person!

As you know, the 2 men guarding the entrance to a billiard room within Thumper absolutely refused to help me get autographs, despite my explanation regarding Peter's statement otherwise ( during his Class 95 interview ).

The person who eventually took my CD covers directly to Peter spoke to me on the phone yesterday, telling me 2 things - (1) that Peter immediately obliged with signatures, and (2) ASKED TO MEET ME!

I believe his exact words were: Is *** ( my name ) still around? Can you bring her in so I can meet her?

Unfortunately, since I never even thought I'd be granted this chance, I left shortly after passing the CD sleeves over, without leaving my phone number ( only provided my home address ). *smacks forehead*

Funnily enough, even though they must've assumed I'd driven home or something, I was actually just 5 minutes away from the hotel, having supper at The Tanglin Club.

When I heard what transpired that night, I swear I felt my heart literally sink all the way down to my left foot ( it was that specific, haha ). There was some mild concomitant aching chest discomfort as well. And this happened just before I started my afternoon shift. No idea how I got through the next 8 hours. :/

I'd been so ready with burning questions about his career, musical preferences and acting experiences.

- which Sting song is his favourite? the usual pop / new-age / rock offerings, or his treasure chest of jazz pieces( such as Moonlight, Windmills Of Your Mind, variations of his own classics on the concert CD All This Time, plus a new track from the Red Hot and Rio album )?

- so what's Kevin Spacey like? ( given the chance, I probably would've asked a million other things revolving around this guy, heh )

- what other songs will he be recording for his next album? ( with a promise to keep the information to myself if required, of course :))

- if possible, I would've definitely asked if he could play a piece for me on the piano, just so I can see his technique up close ( didn't get a full view of the keyboard during the show itself ). Have always resented my small hands, which make octaves quite the challenge. Peter's got very long, tapered fingers, and with his height and all, the grand piano actually looked dwarfed by him, and his hands were flying across the keys like it was just another walk in the park, la-dee-dah. ( So I identify better with Jamie Cullum, whose size matches mine, haha. )

Anyhow, no point fretting. On the bright side, I did get to see him perform ( a huge treat!), managed to secure autographs ( will describe them once they arrive in the mail ), am tremendously touched by the fact that Peter asked to meet me even though he must've been quite exhausted ( a very nice gesture :)), and again, have been the lucky recipient of a few random but significantly life-changing acts of kindness.

Maybe you can meet him the next time he comes down to Singapore, the insider reassured me.

I sure hope so. Will cross that bridge when I get to it.

2. Constantine Maroulis got booted off American Idol 4

I was so shocked by the news I almost dislocated my jaw. Constantine was obviously a hot favourite, both with the judges and millions of viewers. Not only is he a consummate performer who never fails to wow us each and every week, the cheers emanating from the audience were always the loudest whenever he appeared on-stage or took his turn to sing during group numbers.

I'm with you on this one, Paula. Her tears reflected the emotions felt by all his fans, myself included. And she's absolutely right - this happens EVERY season, from Clay's undeserved runner-up position in AI2, to LaToya Jackson's early exit in AI3. With Scott Savol safe - in spite of a terrible performance which mauled Luther Vandross's Dance With My Father beyond recognition - American Idol isn't a singing competition anymore, but has instead become a voting competition.

Sadly, we won't get to see Constantine strut his stuff no more, at least on the AI stage. But with his band releasing their album very soon, and a big fanbase from his Idol stint, hopefully SOMEONE will take a shot and hand him a recording contract.

Constantine has what it takes to be a star. All he needs is the chance to develop his potential, make it big, and prove the American Idol voters wrong.

I, for one, am behind this guy. I will order his CD from Amazon if need be. And you can bet I'll be at the AI4 concert should it ever come down to Singapore. :)

The Less Depressing Stuff

Indeed, there are Angels & Demons tour packages in Italy. Very expensive, but price isn't an issue for me as long as the experience is worth every penny. Would much rather spend the dough on something profound as opposed to materialistic pursuits like, say, a flashy car, branded goods or makeovers. My best life experiences have NEVER involved money, so you won't be seeing me with a new vehicle, a different hairstyle or designer togs anytime soon. :)

Arrested Development: watch it.

Currently screening on cable's Star World Channel 18 every Thursday at 9:30pm, this Emmy Award-winning comedy series revolves around a family so dysfunctional they make the Royal Tenenbaums and the Addamses look normal. Jason Bateman - a fixture from my childhood days in front of the goggle box - plays the long-suffering 2nd son who also seems to be the only sane member of the entire clan. Throw in a crazy mother, a mean sister, 2 kooky brothers, a jittery son who has a crush on his first cousin, plus a totally unscrupulous dad who insists on running the business from prison, and you've got the perfect cocktail.

Seinfeld it ain't - I just got my hands on the 3-season DVD, yes! - but it's witty, cerebral entertainment, and shouldn't be missed.

The Amazing Race 7 draws to a close.

The 2-hour finale will air this coming Wednesday on AXN Channel 19 at 8pm. Rob and Amber are still in the top 3, aargh! I used to like them a little, but seeing their antics on Amazing Race has made me lose all respect for this duo. They pass nasty remarks, they always use local guides to find landmarks ( while other teams do this on their own ), they could care less if your jeep overturned and the cameraman suffered a concussion. Boy do I hope they DON'T win this competition. Even host Phil Keoghan doesn't seem to like them that much.

And speaking of hosts, I'd just like to say that Jeff Probst from Survivor is looking mighty fine these days. Okay, enough about that. :D

Am now ploughing through the latest collection of Sherman's Lagoon comics, titled A Day At The Beach. I seriously think it's the funniest one so far, with over-the-top stunts, e.g. Megan and Sherman hurling javelins at beach apes ( aka humans in swimwear ), Hawthorne going on even crazier business ventures ( aka conquer-the-world rampages ), and best of all, the discovery of a parallel universe on the other side of the lagoon.
P.S. To M, who lent me his earlier Sherman books, I promise to return them ASAP. So sorry about the delay.

Having a Saturday off feels... strange, somehow. I don't particularly enjoy being free on weekends, 'cos I don't even go out most of the time, due to a combination of irritation ( I hate crowds ), paranoia ( do you know how many bugs are floating around out there? ) and practicality ( movie tickets cost a lot more ). I planned the May roster such that I'd have only one weekend off, but the consultant thought I needed another one. Oh well, more time for me to veg out at home then.

Seems a HMDP attachment can't be sliced into 2 6-month postings. It has to be either one half-year rotation, period, or a full-year's stint in one fixed location.
I'm torn, aargh! But if I can convince my anxious mother to loosen up a little, my top choice will be New York City, death-inducing winters be damned. Shh, don't tell her I said that. :)

Last but not least, read this. Clay, we're so very proud of you. :D

Time to go practise the piano again. Playing for church service tomorrow.

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