Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And We Have Lift Off

It's been a long wait, but D-Day is almost upon us, woohoo!

Leaving tomorrow evening and all I can say is: it's really good timing, 'cos if I work another day in this warzone we call an ER, I will start shooting people.

Not kidding.

So it's off to Europe for some R&R. Gonna let my brain rot for 16 days and get all that anger / frustration / homicidal tendencies out of my system.

Plus, will be catching the World Cup finals with native Germans in Munich -- NOT the actual match at the stadium in Berlin ( people keep thinking I have tickets ), but will definitely find a spot with a big TV, order a few beers, maybe place a few bets, exchange a few swear words, heh heh.

Anyhow, pity about Germany losing to Italy. They came SOOOOO close, but alas, fatigue set in and they let their guard down. Can't believe I dragged myself out of bed post-night-shift to watch the game. But Ballack and Klose are worth it. :D

Predictions for the final teams: Italy and France.

My bet's on Italy.

Interesting Link

aliendoc, angsty dude, med student and angrydr, you may want to check this out.

Believe Timothy is an anchor on Channelnews Asia. Wonder how they know about our blogs? Hmm...

Better watch what we write, haha.

Will post from the airport if I find an opportunity. Major packing to get through.

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