Saturday, July 22, 2006

Winds Of Change

Just touched down at 7:30am this morning, after minimal sleep despite a beautifully smooth flight.

I blame it on Krisworld. Heh heh. :)

And speaking of the in-flight entertainment, it appears that a particular seat ( ie. mine ) lacks a handset, even though it has a monitor.

Got moved to another seat with lots of leg space, but sadly, didn't enjoy an upgrade. Oh well.

So how was the holiday, you ask?

In a nutshell:

1. It is probably the single most life-changing vacation I've ever experienced. Not life-changing "event" per se, but "vacation". Big difference.

2. European men are DIVINE. Shall elaborate further in another entry. :)

3. Crossed so many borders I often woke up unsure of my exact location. We were concentrated around 4 countries which share common boundaries, namely Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria. Bavarian territory -- GORGEOUS.

4. Munich is nowhere as happening as Singapore where World Cup fever is concerned. A bit disappointing.

But the beer is something to drool about. 1-litre mug for just Sing$13 ( Euro $6.50 ). Wah lau eh.

5. Took around 400 photos in all. Will upload as soon as I can. Quite mind-blowing.

6. My mom and I were the only Asians in a 26-member Insight tour group. Completely outnumbered by Australians, Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders. All of whom are older than I am, and mostly married with children back home.

Not only did this make me the pampered baby of the bunch -- and believe me, I was enjoying every minute of it, haha -- it also made me the unwitting target of an American couple who are already making plans to matchmake me with some "eligible Asian men" in their church congregation in Boston. Apparently an affluent group of professionals. Bring it on. :D

But seriously, our fellow travellers are truly wonderful people, and we made many many friends during our 2 weeks together. A few of them will be dropping by Singapore soon, so looking forward to seeing them again!

7. Food was better than what I endured in Italy. But the breakfasts consistently suck. Have eaten so many boiled eggs ( since I hate scrambled ) I'm swearing off these things for at least a fortnight to unclog my arteries.

Managed to find a couple of Chinese eateries though. Without a map! Quite proud of that. :)

8. Was caught in the middle of a major heat wave, never mind our close proximity to the Alps. Thank goodness for my t-shirts. Mum didn't fare as well 'cos she packed mostly woollies, but we're the same size, so problem solved.

I'm very sunburnt, by the way.

9. Favourite places on this tour: Salzburg, Vienna, St. Moritz.

10. Have I mentioned that European men are DIVINE? Think I may be developing some form of rejection to Singaporean guys, who absolutely pale in comparison. :D

So much more to write about, but too tired at the moment. Lots of work duties to get through as well, so please be patient.

Nice to see the angsty dude back in action. :)

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