Thursday, March 01, 2007


The past few days were HELL.

Apologies to friends who received my frustrated SMSs -- something about being exhausted and wanting to retire as a tai-tai.

The feeling has dissipated, thanks to a very inspiring episode of ER on cable last night.

Who needs antidepressants when you've got a great TV show to come home to? :)

And by the way, is it true RGS girls never become tai-tais? Quick, someone prove the speaker of this statement wrong! ( haha )

RJC-ians Unite

It never fails to amaze me how, 15 years after we first came together, we're still going strong, with 24 out of a class of 25 fully accounted for.

There we were on Sunday afternoon -- well, just 6 of us managed to show up this time -- chatting about politics, family, medicine, money and the like, as if nothing had changed at all.

We still look the same ( save for a few more wrinkles ); we're still trading similar playful insults; but most importantly, we know we have absolute faith and trust in one another.

Congrats to the newly minted Lieutenant-Colonel, fast on his way to Brigadier-General, no doubt.

Next major gathering: August, when a certain long-lost alumnus returns from the US. Venue: possibly my place, for lots of BBQ-charred carcasses, alcohol and politically incorrect ranting.

That should be fun. :)


Disappointing, to say the least.

Sure, the women are pretty good, but nobody really stands out this year, except maybe Chris Sligh the tall-big-curly-haired-bespectacled-dude-with-a-nice-personality-and-respectable-voice.

Let me make my prediction now: the winner of AI6 will be an African-American female; if a guy makes it to the top 3 at all, my bet will be on Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson or Sundance Head.

Please kick all the Caucasian girls out now because they suck.


... continues to enthrall.

All the hype about Masi Oka finally justified itself in the latest episode, when his unrestrained gawking at flying-politician Nathan Petrelli at a diner joint had me laughing in spite of my fatigue.

By the way, my mom thinks Milo Ventimiglia -- who plays Nathan's flying brother, Peter -- is "very handsome". We both remember his Jesse days from "Gilmore Girls", and I much preferred his rebellious brainy character to Jared Padalecki's bland underachiever Dean. That series really knows how to pick their young actors ( blonde heart-throb Chad Michael Murray from "One Tree Hill" is another alumnus ).

Looking Forward To...

New albums from Michael Buble and Peter Cincotti, woohoo!

Due for release this spring, whenever that might be. Hopefully by end-April or May.

Best part about new releases: world tours! Michael has already been here twice, so you can bet he'll return again. I intend to bring my cousin's young niece along this time -- she may be 10, but she's almost as tall as I am, mature beyond her tender years, and knows how to appreciate jazz.
As for Peter, I'm confident I can find an opportunity to say hello in person if and when he does hold a concert here.

Did I mention that George Clooney listed both singers as his current faves in an interview for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2006 issue? A pleasant surprise indeed.

Upcoming Trip

In 2 weeks.

My mother requests that I not divulge details till AFTER we're back. She worries, especially after someone told me how another blogger kena stalked by a crazy reader and had to shut his site down.

Please, I doubt I'm worth stalking.

Tiring, But Exciting

Methinks the worst is over, for now. Imagine waking up feeling like crap, then forcing yourself to drive down to work, get through the next 8 hours of torture, then come home and contend with more work.

At least the research side is settled. Crappy feeling is mostly gone -- majority hormone-related, I think. And I've got some leave coming up, yes!

Still, I had my share of fun this week, most notably in 2 cardiac cases who required synchronized cardioversion. I've done a couple before, but these 2 patients are really nice people, and it's funny how IV midazolam had a completely amnesic effect on both of them.

*ZAP! OWWW!*, followed by a loud snore. Upon waking, they had zero recollection of being fried by an electric current, and one even flashed a beatific smile when I tried to jog his memory.

"I never warn them it's coming," the cardio reg whispered to me. "Much easier that way."

Cool. :)

In other news, we had a GP who failed to refer a fast AF with a rate of 180 bpm ( guy had an ECG done at the clinic, but was later referred from OPS the next day ), and an OPS doc who didn't refer a patient with melena who was documented to be "pale". No FBC done, with a gastro referral given in May!?

Think CME activities should include tests and exams in appropriate A&E referrals. I can forgive the endless "chest discomfort" cases ( sent by anxious GPs and polyclinic MOs ) we get on a daily basis, but this sort of oversight is indefensible in a court of law should the patient collapse and die before being seen by the hospital.


Before I sign off, just want to say that the "Spider-Man 3" trailer is unbelievably, freaking good. I will be there opening day. :)

Plus, I absolutely LOVE my new laptop. Microsoft Vista rocks. :D

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