Saturday, March 10, 2007


A day of MC has done a world of good. ( Not that taking MC is good, mind you. Apologies to my colleagues who had to pick up the slack while I was away. )

But I knew it was coming, especially after a woozy episode midway through my morning shift yesterday. Hadn't rested since 1st March, and suffered an unprecedented string of HORRIBLE shifts for 7 straight days before my body and spirit gave out.

Burnout? You bet.

On the upside, I'm ready to jump right in again tomorrow. Saturday night, whoopee. :)

Anyway, I'm happy to report that my broadband account is finally set up -- no more dialup! ( I know of at least one person who'll be doing the dance of joy upon hearing this, haha. )

As a treat for my aching bones and exhausted brain, I'd like to share a link from YouTube.

This, dear readers, is the one that started it all for this blog, which is named in his honour ( though I tweaked the final product so it'll roll off the tongue more easily ).

He always has been, still is, and always will be my favourite actor. No matter what roles he takes, on stage or film ( or perhaps TV, who knows ).

Ladies and gentleman, I give you... the incomparable Kevin Spacey.

I first saw this interview eons ago ( 5 - 10 years, I reckon ). I was already a huge fan ( The Negotiator and Se7en were good intros, but The Usual Suspects sealed the deal, followed by Swimming With Sharks and American Beauty ), but seeing a playful side to such an accomplished ( and often deadly serious ) thespian only succeeded in winning more respect and admiration.

No other actor has ever claimed the top spot on my list of favourites ( I'm a film buff and do have a few faves but am pretty dodgy where #1 positions are concerned ), and no other has usurped his place ever since.

Just watch this and tell me you don't love him. Just a little. :)

Internet videos from home. Ahhh, I can see why you love broadband. :D

More links to come. Stay tuned.

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