Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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I fly this weekend ( YES! :)). Was down with the flu but recovered pretty quickly. What a relief.

Here're more good videos to tide you over till my next entry.

Michael Buble

Scroll down and check out the TV interview segment and the one with him singing For Once In My Life with Tony Bennett, Carrie Underwood and Josh Groban.

The Spiderman video is BEAUTIFUL!

This guy never fails to bring a big smile to my weather-beaten face. :)

Peter Cincotti

I've sampled one so far, but what a winner it is!

Click on his 'live' performance of After You've Gone, a whopping 6-minute showcase of musical genius. Sans assistance from the piano pedal. Crisp and flawless. He always astounds with ease.

Jason Mraz

This links directly to a 'live' performance of Absolutely Zero from his Java Joe's gig ( an excellent album recording not available in Singapore ). I personally prefer the version from his later Tonight Not Again CD, but considering the fact that this is one of his best compositions ( and that it consistently sounds better on-stage than in the studio ), it's a good intro for non-JM fans and a fun flashback for those of us who adore him.

And by the way, here's another cool one. Perfect for relaxing on a cool, rainy day ( like today ). :)

Last One

My new addiction: John Mayer ( woo, the new Blogger allows text colouring :))

Have already played his Try! John Mayer Trio CD countless times. This is heavy duty blues at its best!

Tracks worth mentioning:

Vultures -- one of my faves from his Continuum CD, this absolutely rips in a 'live' setting. Raw vocals make it more poignant. Love the guitar, as always.

Out Of My Mind -- the most appropriate word I can think of to describe this piece ( and mind you, it's the first word that popped into my head when I initially heard it ) is "foreplay". Haha. Shall let you ponder that a bit. ;)

I Got A Woman -- my favourite on this particular album, hands down. Jamie Foxx sampled it in his duet with Kanye West on Gold Digger, but the Ray Charles classic is so much better standing on its own. Mayer does it immense justice, hitting the falsettos admirably and driving all the women in the audience nuts ( you can hear them loud and clear ). Unbelievable stuff!

Vids-wise, check this page out.

That's it for now. More when I get back. Enjoy. :)

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