Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ahh... :)

After my streak of disastrous shifts, I'm relieved to have survived a really REALLY great call.

Unusually quiet for a Wednesday, but also, a huge thank you to my terrific team of MOs, and my capable and hardworking registrar.

The one that appeals to me most is Johnny Depp. I've been a fan since his 21 Jump Street days -- although he was quite an Ah Beng at the time. Went through a bad boy period in the '90s, but has evolved nicely into a family man, box office star and, best of all, accomplished actor who can do just about anything.
Forget about his weird fashion sense at award ceremonies. With the right stylist ( usually for photo shoots ), he looks like a million bucks ( see picture ).

Robert Downey, Jr. is also a big fave. Am going to add him to my Top 10 actors list soon, once I figure out who to kick off. He's a long shot for Sexiest Man Alive, but should be somewhere in the Top 5, thanks in large part to his fabulous lead role in Iron Man. I much prefer him in drama mode -- e.g. Zodiac -- but there's no denying he's one good-looking dude.

Daniel Craig's a great choice, but not a strong contender given his short Hollywood history and British background. Has a non-American ever garnered the title? I think not, but correct me if I'm wrong.
Still, he's one of the few blonde actors I actually like ( don't ask me why I gravitate towards brunettes ). No-one can quite wear a suit the way he does. :)

Hugh Jackman - possible, but not one I'm rooting for ( though I like him a lot in Someone Like You, with Ashley Judd ); Michael Phelps - bleah ( gold medals aside, he doesn't seem very intelligent ); Justin Timberlake - lacks substance; Will Smith - consorts with Scientologists, enough said; Christian Bale - too dour; George Clooney and Brad Pitt - not worthy of a 3rd win; Leonardo DiCaprio - too pudgy; David Beckham - no man with a squeaky voice can be considered sexy, helloooo.

People mag should have 2 categories: older and younger Sexiest Man Alive winners. The latter may include the likes of Shia LaBeouf and James McAvoy, no?

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