Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Continuation

Egyptian Culture

A few snapshots of a whirling dervish and a belly dancer, who performed during a Nile cruise dinner at the Khulkhal Arabian Restaurant.

The food was slightly above average, but the entertainment was nothing short of excellent, especially the Folkloric
Tanoura show “Spin Man”( aka whirling dervish ), which features 30 to 45 minutes of continuous
mind-boggling twirling.

Tried uploading a video clip but think the file size is too large. Sorry...

The restaurant was packed to the brim that night, and the atmosphere a mixture of rowdy and celebratory. However, I couldn't help noticing their waiters -- all in their 20s, clean cut and remarkably handsome.

One in particular stood out, mostly because I kept catching him staring at me from across the room. There was a moment that was almost like something out of a movie, but only my mom knows what happened. :)

Twilight Book 2

Is tonnes better than its predecessor. Writing's still mediocre, but at least the plot has improved significantly, though nowhere as satisfying as a good Harry Potter novel.

No surprise about its huge weekend box office haul - almost US$71 million - kicking Quantum Of Solace off the top spot. Reviews are mixed so far, but probably won't deter me from seeing the film and forming my own opinions ( critics panned Wanted, but I LOVED it ).

Lots of great interviews on YouTube, like this one from the Ellen DeGeneres show.

3 more weeks to go before it hits local theatres. Yeesh.

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