Saturday, November 22, 2008


Michael Feinstein's The Sinatra Project

Here's a link to his official website.

I actually own one of his albums from a few years back. Bought it out of curiosity but found it dull -- something I attribute to an obscure repertoire and a rather lethargic delivery.

After avoiding his CDs for long enough, I succumbed and sampled this new release at my favourite music store, and have completely fallen in love with it.

Although the title is designed to draw Sinatra fans, the arrangements are vastly different from the originals, with a number of songs which were recorded but never commercially released.

There're classics like Cole Porter's Begin The Beguine and George Gershwin's I've Got A Crush On You, plus lesser known gems such as There's A Small Hotel, Fools Rush In and It's All Right With Me.

Many are done in the big band swing style which I adore so much, but even the slower ballads are exquisite, thanks to masterful performances by Feinstein. He sounds nothing like what I remember from that earlier album, showing off a rich tone, unbelievable lung power and heartfelt emotion in every word he sings.

Huge personal favourites include Begin The Beguine ( one of the best versions I've ever heard ), Exactly Like You, The Song Is You and At Long Last Love ( all wonderfully spirited and playful ).

However, the track I've been putting on constant repeat mode is #10, How Long Will It Last. A duet with China Forbes, it brings to mind the grand musicals of yore, when love was described as a many-splendoured thing.

Interestingly, this song immediately made me think of Twilight ( I'm not obsessed, just engrossed :)). I'm serious - just take a look at the lyrics to see what I mean:
[ I've indicated who sings each line to help enhance the experience ]

[male] My dear, there's no concealing that you've won my heart
[female] Still, I have a feeling that someday we'll part
[M] Will our affair soon break up and fade like the dawn?
[F] Will I some morning wake up to find you are gone?

[M] Though you hold me in your arms tonight / Will tomorrow bring the same delight?
Though we love each other / How long will it last?
[F] You are like a burning flame to me / Will you always be the same to me?
Though I taste your kisses / How long will they last?

[Both] Whatever you may do / This heart of mine is true
I'll still believe in you / though ___ will pass??? [ sorry, having trouble with this line ]

[F] With you happiness and bliss appear
[M] All my troubles seem to disappear
Yet my constant fear is
[ Both ] How long will it last?

L, tell me if you agree with my assessment! :)

Got my hands on the Twilight sequels - all 3 of them - today. Have already started on Book 2, which is much better than the juvenile Book 1. Addictive stuff.

Have been bombarded by the film's publicity blitz as well, all over local cable's E! Entertainment and CNN's Showbiz Tonight. Am surprisingly enjoying it a lot, especially snippets of various interviews with Robert Pattinson. He looks hilariously frazzled in every single one of them, cracking jokes in that crisp British accent, lamenting how he can't find a girlfriend ( err, right ), singing co-star Kristen Stewart's praises before getting flustered and laughing uncontrollably, even dodging rumours that he proposed to her on the movie set ( she doesn't deny it, but inserts a disclaimer that "everyone got a bit nutsy", so I guess that qualifies as a yes, though it was probably meant as a gag ).

The movie teasers already demonstrate a lot of on-screen chemistry between the two. Would be kinda nice if it spilled over into real life eh? I'm rooting for them. :)

A final update before the weekend. Plans to go to NYC have been derailed by forces beyond my control. But the upside to this is (1) I can go ahead and get a new cat now ( maybe two, who knows ), and (2) I plan to head to France and London next June, with the hope of seeing Kevin Spacey at The Old Vic if possible.

Recovered from the initial disappointment very quickly, which is great. Thank you, Mr. Spacey, for helping with that. :D

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics to How Long Will It Last. It is an excellent song and a pleasure to listen to. I heard the song on the radio but didn't know the name or who sang it. Now I do and I was able to find it and get it. Thanks again.