Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Bad Case Of Insomnia

Triggered by Company, argh!

Not that it's anyone's fault but my own, but here I sit in my bed, at 2am, watching YouTube clips of Kevin Spacey and Raul Esparza doing jazz and Broadway tunes.

Catching 2 shows while I was in NYC was great, but my appetite is far from satisfied, and I just feel so stifled in Singapore, where the musical climate is pretty much the polar opposite.

I've always maintained that I was born in the wrong country. I mean, I used to watch musicals on TV and video over and over and over again even as a child. Everything from The Sound Of Music to West Side Story to The Student Prince, The King And I, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, South Pacific, and many many more.

Being in a Broadway theatre for the very first time in October 2007 was the culmination of all those years of endless dreaming. And I'm telling you, NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN BEAT THE BROADWAY EXPERIENCE. All that magic and wonder and infinite talent, housed in small, old buildings ( with rich histories, of course ), showcasing the very best in the business.

I want to go back! Next year, maybe? :)

A few notable videos if you're interested ( I should log off, but I'm also watching the Company DVD at the moment, haha ):

Kevin Spacey singing Bobby Darin's Beyond The Sea - very suave and pitch perfect.

A performance of Mind Games at a John Lennon tribute concert from a few years back.

He just leaves me speechless! :)

Here's Raul Esparza in one of my favourite scenes from Company ( this is a clip direct from the DVD ), with the songs Have I Got A Girl For You followed by Someone Is Waiting.

Just listen to that gorgeous voice! I'm spellbound. :)

Plus, the hypnotic segment where Bobby seduces April. Esparza's dialogue starts in the 3rd minute, if you want to skip April's section.

Enjoy, while I try to wind down and go to sleep.

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