Friday, January 09, 2009

Local Mr. A-Z Fans Alert

Check this out! ( thanks, aliendoc! )

Tickets aren't on sale yet, but look out for the newspaper ad.

What're the chances of my getting front row seats? :)

He kept his promise after all - mentioned in an interview last August about coming back to Asia for a solo tour in early 2009, including Singapore. This guy is nothing if not dependable!

On a side note, I've neglected to comment on a lot of news-making events for a while now, be it the economic crisis, President Obama's ongoing recruitment efforts, John Travolta's son's tragic death, or the chaos in the Middle East.

Maybe I'll write if something hits me. For now, the only comment I can make is that we've been cutting it pretty close on quite a few occasions by being in the general vicinity of terrorist attacks or natural disasters ( e.g. the London subway and Pakistan Marriott Hotel bombings, the 2004 tsunami ), or narrowly escaping them soon after we returned from overseas trips ( the California forest fires ).
These days, even a simple vacation feels like a game of Russian roulette. Just hope our next destination remains politically neutral ( though a recent shooting caused my mother a bit of anxiety upon reading the papers yesterday ).
Fingers crossed...

Planning a conference is proving to be a migraine-inducing task, but I'm grateful for the excellent committee working with me, and the large group of medical students who've enthusiastically volunteered their services. The economy has had a significant impact on sponsorship funds, but on the whole, we've been lucky in a few ways, though not so fortunate in others.
Still, the scientific programme is probably the best by far in the event's 10-year history. Am very proud of that. :)

Am going post-call soon, but have a meeting to oversee this afternoon, which means my sleep cycle will be severely disrupted. No fun at all.

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