Monday, July 13, 2009

Advice Needed

After 9 good years of service, my Panasonic TVs and VCRs - yes, VCRs - are dying slow deaths. Have to endure the next week or two without any recording capabilities ( missing the Law & Order marathon, argh! ), and contemplating whether to buy LCD or plasma TVs later this week when I venture to a Best Denki outlet in town.

Please post your comments - I will log into Blogger to read and moderate them daily.

In other news, I'm looking forward to another short block of leave starting this weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn't coincide with G's schedule, as he'll be out of the country for most of the period. Oh well, guess the alcohol session can wait. :)

Appaloosa turned out to be a moderately enjoyable Western flick, buoyed only by its terrific cast - Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, Jeremy Irons and Renee Zellweger.
Nothing very special about this film, except for the 3 unbelievably hot older actors, who don't seem to have an ounce of flab on their bodies and are tremendously gifted thespians to boot.
And Mortensen looks great with a shotgun. :)

Burn After Reading was a nice way to spend my post-call evening. Again, the cast saved an otherwise frivolous script, which sort of collapsed on itself towards the last half hour and ended too abruptly for my taste ( the Coen brothers need to kick this stupid habit - prime example: No Country For Old Men ).

Awaiting to be seen: The Duchess, Lars And The Real Girl ( Ryan Gosling got rave reviews for this one ), The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ( high expectations to meet ), and a collection of short films by Pixar.
Am taking advantage of VideoEzy's Great Singapore Sale offers, after a huge delay due to a pile of administrative duties that have only recently been cleared from my in-tray.

Books-wise, the review of the Monk novel will be posted at a later date. I've also spotted some Dexter thrillers on the shelves. Wish I had the time to read them. I just love gory stuff. :)

Catching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soon. Have absolutely no impression from the book, which I hated, so hope the movie fares better.

Before I sign off, a link to Jason Mraz's blog. He's taking questions via Twitter - next round this coming Friday. Hope he returns to Singapore in the near future!

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vince said...

Hi there,

If you watch mostly non hi definition materials like DVD or cable/free to air TV, then i guess a plasma should suffice, a good brand is Panasonic, the new ones are quite cheap from $1000 to $2500 for a 42 inch tv.

If you have more high definition stuff like Blu-rays, you may want to consider the Samsung LED TVs, these are the newer range of LCDs but they are more costly :P, looks very good though :) These cost about 4000+ onwards for a 46 inch and 3000+ for a 40 inch.

As for recording player, just get a Pioneer or Panasonic DVD recorder with Hard disk, quite cheap nowadays about $400 to 600+.