Saturday, July 11, 2009

This Week...

I watched Changeling - yes, the Clint Eastwood film starring Angelina Jolie.
After hating Slumdog Millionaire, Changeling is a great breath of fresh air, expertly directed by Eastwood, with a taut script and terrific performances from the entire cast.
Am especially impressed with Jeffrey Donovan, who played a nasty police captain at loggerheads with Jolie's character. A breakout role for the Burn Notice star.

Also caught Imelda, the 2003 film by Ramona Diaz. Though far from blatantly critical, it does portray the infamous Filipino ex-First Lady in a less than flattering light.
Two scenes stand out: one where Mrs. Marcos launches into a lengthy discourse about the path to peace and order ( something about experiential and cosmic whatever ), and a remark that even the poor approve of her extravagant spending, because "when I live well, they live well".
Err, right.

Met up with G, whom I've known for more than 9 years, ever since my first MO posting in gastro. Had drinks at Raffles Hotel's Long Bar ( not as crowded as the last time I visited, which was quite a few years ago ), before moving on ( at G's insistence ) to another watering hole across the road. The mojito must've been mixed with some caffeinated concoction, since I had insomnia the whole night and remained wide awake the entire day. Or maybe it's just getting to spend time with G after an estimated 2 years apart.
He brought me a thoughtful - and most unexpected - gift, a definite first in the course of our long friendship. Impeccable manners, generous to a fault, a great conversationalist, still as good-looking as ever, and vowing to remain eternally single.
I really should take up his offer to drive me around one of these days. :)

Coming soon: reviews of Appaloosa ( a Viggo Mortensen western ), Burn After Reading ( not too hopeful about this one ), and a Lee Goldberg novel based on the Monk TV series ( hilarious so far ).

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