Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Quickie Post

First, a link to Singapore MD, which will lead you to an interesting article about the H1N1 pandemic.

Second, a singer I recently discovered via BBC Entertainment on cable, named John Barrowman. Not sure how big a star he is on-stage, but he's got a great voice. ( He's also good-looking and openly gay, not that it matters. :))

Third, I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire on DVD. Does NOT deserve a Best Picture Oscar, or all that hype. It's cheesy from beginning to end. Flashback to the year Forrest Gump beat The Shawshank Redemption. Totally unfair.

Or maybe it's just me. Have been developing a taste for dark films these past few years - There Will Be Blood, Into The Wild, etc. I didn't like Wall-E, and got lots of flak for it. :)

By the way, it's Dead Poets Society's 20th anniversary this year. Wow, didn't realize I first saw it when I was 14 years old, and Ethan Hawke was only 17 or 18 in it. Still my all-time favourite. A real classic.

And last, a disappointing line-up for 2009's Singapore Sun Festival. Guess I'll save my money for 2010 when I return to Broadway.

Am drawing up a list of items to buy from Amazon when I go on leave later this month. May cost me a bundle. :P

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