Friday, January 29, 2010

Bliss Part 2

Finished Dexter In The Dark in record time - the ending was a little anti-climactic, but paved the way for some serious character development where young Cody is concerned.

Intriguing. :)

The main focus of this entry, though, is Evan Kasprzak from So You Think You Can Dance Season 5.

Spotted him during the audition round for Season 6, which just aired this Monday, when his older brother, Ryan, performed a tap routine for the judges. A flashback clip of the 2 siblings from S5 came on, and I immediately recognized Evan, who auditioned first back in S4 but never made it to the Top 20.

Evan returned in S5, got through to the Top 20, and eventually finished in 3rd place, while Ryan didn't get through to Vegas and thus, waited another year to re-audition for S6.

Confused? I apologize. :)

The point is, Evan's beautiful jazz performance in S4 was so memorable that I was thrilled beyond belief upon finding out that he showed up again in S5. And since Starhub cable has skipped S5 for now - argh! - I've had to satisfy my cravings with YouTube videos, before a friend can pass me his downloaded version sometime in the near future. Thanks, J!

My favourite piece at the moment is choreographed by Ryan. It's a little grainy, but features the full routine. Have already watched this countless times, and I still can't stop smiling! It's just so... perfect!

I never picked up dance myself, but love watching the pros doing what they do best. Fred Astaire ranks right up there at #1 for me, and Anne Miller is a close 2nd.

The Kasprzak brothers have, through SYTYCD, revived a dance style that many still associate exclusively with Hollywood films of yore. But it's just too much of a good thing to be kept under wraps!

Check out this cool montage of Evan's solos. Light as a feather, and all those crazy leaps, whoa!

Don't miss this sexy performance to a Jamie Cullum song. Very nice indeed.
Then there's this kooky-gorgeous Mia Michaels piece.
Why the heck can't I find Evan and Randi's spectacular jive?!

Last but not least, Ryan's got a website, so be sure to pay him a visit!

Pretty big news in the local paper today - The Chippendales are coming to Singapore for a gig at Resorts World Sentosa in March.

I agree that timing it with International Women's Day is one of the dumbest excuses ever.

Singaporean women want to see male revue shows, full-stop. There's no shame in that!

I watched The Chippendales in Las Vegas back in 2007. Uncensored, but relax, there was no full monty, though they came very close to it. Brought my mom, and we both enjoyed it immensely. Cost much less as well, so I'm not prepared to fork out $138 for a possibly PG-rated local version.

Plus, the dancers in the photo are different from the guys I saw in LV. No Juan DeAngelo or Steve Kim, who are much better-looking. That look DeAngelo gave me at the photo-taking session still gives me goosebumps, man. :)

Just wondering if the guys will be allowed to greet audience members at the end of the show, like they did in Sin City? If anyone who reads this intends to go to the Sentosa performance, make sure you get aisle or front row seats. I was in the front row in LV and hugged 4 of the Chippendales. So did my mom! They're soooo friendly.

I'm going back to Vegas for my 40th birthday, no question about it. :)

And this video should be renamed: OMG!

How I miss Broadway... a scene from one of my favourite musicals ever... maybe I can persuade my mom to go to New York next year. ;)

And Neil Patrick Harris is the new Billy Crystal. Will he host the Oscars soon? ( A great clip of Hugh Jackman's stellar effort last year. )

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