Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh God...

I apologize for the expression, but staring at a triage complaint about a patient who came to the ER because he "feels sleepy after taking Tramadol" takes the bloody freaking s***** cake.

How about a referral to us for "depression", even though the patient expressed refusal to see a psychiatrist?

Miracle workers, that's what everyone perceives us to be.

On a happier note, American Idol Season 9 kicked off yesterday, and here's my favourite from episode 1.

I won't spoil things with an intro, but I'm curious about whether anyone who hasn't seen this audition ends up as surprised as I am, and in the best way possible.

His performance was just so... unexpected. :)

Quite a few talented young people out there, but it's going to take a helluva lot to top Adam Lambert.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHA that's too funny....someone came in taking tramadol and complained about feeling sleepy after.

I couldn't stop myself laughing...though I shouldn't cos I know you must have wanted to crack his/her head when you heard it...I just can't help it, it's really too funny!

BL said...

Have had my fair share plenty in Tekong. =X

Ppl come to see MO for a small regular blister, 2am come in "I can't sleep".