Thursday, February 20, 2003

Early morning entry again. Watched Meet My Folks yesterday, and here're a few pointers from the first show.

1. 3 losers are picked to meet the parents of this rich girl -- if a bungalow with a pool and jacuzzi are anything to go by -- and each has to do his best to impress in order to be chosen as the lucky bloke who gets to accompany her on an Oahu vacation.

2. I say losers because one of them cheated on his SATs to get into college, another slept with his ex-girlfriend's mom, and the last, though a Tom Cruise lookalike, was described as "obnoxious".

3. Although the girl -- unfortunately named Senta (???) -- was obviously enjoying herself and kissing the guys every chance she got, the parents ( especially the dad ) were quite distressed that they had to pick at least one of the guys, which was equivalent to choosing the least of the 3 evils, so to speak. Heck, if I were the mom, I'd be worried sick about sending my only daughter off on a holiday with someone who induced my child to perform a lap dance for him in a jacuzzi on national TV, on the first day they meet.

4. The boys' characters suffered further whipping after a surprise polygraph test. One told the truth 58% of the time, while the other scored even worse - 38%.

5. I can't help wondering why a well-to-do family, whose patriarch is obviously a conservative and respectable man, would stoop this low. It's not as if their daughter will have any problems snagging a boyfriend -- she looks a bit like Melissa Joan Hart ( from the TV series "Sabrina" ). Someone please offer me a plausible explanation.

6. It's addictive. I love the various twists in the plot, and particularly enjoyed the bit where the guys' ex-girlfriends were invited to breakfast and gleefully spilled the beans on their ex's cheating/lying, etc. Given the chance, I'd love to be one of those gals! I wanted to take the opportunity to add a link to my ex's website ( there's a photo of him with his new squeeze ), but it's mysteriously gone missing, for reasons unknown. If you find it, let me know. :)

Off to work I go. Till next time!

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