Monday, February 17, 2003

Hello. Did you enjoy the Moon Song link? It's becoming my daily morning ritual, before starting my morning rounds. Maybe you can try this routine for yourself as well. Really perks me up. :)

Okay, my thoughts on Survivor:Amazon. Women kick butt!!! I bow down to the show's producers, or whoever's responsible for the ingenious idea of pitting the guys against the gals, and for picking out such exciting personalities. On the male side, we have Dave the rocket scientist and Ryan the model ( the latter was unfortunately voted out, so there goes my eye candy :D ), and 2 of the gals - Heidi the gym teacher and Shawna the salesgirl - are gorgeous, and have got quite a few of the younger guys all hot and bothered ( one lovesick fellow even compared the
former to Viagra ). Someone give me a hankie please ( for wiping my eyes and my forehead )!

Once again, we have another Asian-American, this time in the form of Daniel, who looks like he has a major inferiority complex, and has the hots for Shawna. He won't last long, trust me. Dave hates his guts, and he's obviously a slacker, bulging muscles or not. What an embarrassment to Chinese all over the world -- Shi Ann from Survivor:Thailand was temperamental and paranoid, and now this. What the heck is going on?

My favourites right now come from the female camp. And let me tell you, when they beat the over-confident guys in the first immunity challenge, you must've heard the collective high-fives women all over the globe were giving each other! Heidi seems like a feisty contender for the prize money, but I especially like Christy, the first deaf contestant in Survivor history. Chances are she'll be hanging around till late in the season, if not because of her overall sweet demeanour, then because she's unable to hurl any insults due to her inability to hear any bitchiness that may occur around her. But her winning this round is a loooong shot.

It's still early, and one can only imagine what will happen when the 2 tribes merge, and the hormones go into overdrive. Host Jeff Probst made the astute observation that the guys' infatuation with some of the more attractive females may hurt them in the end, so don't be surprised if the finalists are dominated by the XX genotype. Stay tuned for more!

Watched "Catch Me If You Can" last night, and liked it. But it falled short of my high expectations -- can you blame me for wanting something more, since this film boasts the collaboration of Spielberg, Hanks and DiCaprio? Amazingly based on a true story, this movie is saved by only one thing: Leonardo's terrific portrayal of Frank Abagnale. He displayed loads of talent in his earlier works, but this is his crowning glory. He makes acting seem so effortlessly easy, and manages to convey a whole slew of complex emotions, even injecting humour here and there ( I loved the one where he impersonated a Harvard Medical School graduate and got himself out of a sticky situation one night in the ER ). At more than 2 hours, it can be a drag at times, but Leonardo makes it worth the time and money. This is one guy who's up for a fistful of Oscars -- it's only a matter of when.

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