Thursday, February 06, 2003

It's really boring today -- not necessarily a bad thing, though :)
Anyway, was just surfing the Net, and browsing through Eatonweb Portal, which had a pretty big list of weblogs. Turned up some interesting ones, including one that posts tidbits about the latest medical news -- albeit in a humourous fashion ( e.g. choy sum being an aphrodisiac ). But lest you dismiss these as pure nonsense, there's always an added reference ( e.g. BBC Health, Nature, etc ), that helps make it more legitimate. Something to do when you're really bummed out.

Anyway, before I go off for my evening round, here's a request for all you visitors to please write something in the comments section of my blog. Anything's fine, good or bad -- seriously! I notice a lot of different domains from the UK, Australia, US, NZ, and would very much like to hear from you guys and gals. Mucho gracias. :)

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