Thursday, February 06, 2003

Thought I'd wait till after Ronan Keating's concert, but heck, the ward round ended at 10:15am today, and all the changes are done, so here's a short update. :)

Moby's coming to town! Counter and Internet SISTIC sales start today, and you can bet I'm gonna be among the first to grab mine. I only became acquainted with his music recently, after hearing "Extreme Ways" on "The Bourne Identity" soundtrack. Then I saw a half-hour showcase on MTV, which was great, and he was also at the MTV Europe Awards, where he wowed the crowd with an energetic performance. Sure, he's balding, scrawny, and dresses down for events ( T-shirt and jeans are the norm ), but his music is electrifying ( for me, at least ). Poor guy got whacked by some Eminem fans last year, which boggles the mind, but I'm sure he'll get a very warm reception here in Singapore. Welcome, Moby!

The Chinese New Year was pretty quiet for me this year. All my grandparents are dead, and my other relatives have their own reunions now. But the highlight was a junior college class reunion of sorts on the 3rd day of the New Year. We met up with our old JC civics tutor, who's now the principal of a well-known SAP school, and got to know his new wife -- a very lovely lady, btw. Around 10 of us ( out of the original 25 ) turned up, which is considered pretty good ( quite a few are overseas at the moment ), and we had a nice time catching up. Most haven't changed a bit in the last decade -- in terms of mannerisms, appearance -- and the old love-hate relationships still exist :) Lots are getting married, one's had a kid ( and it's not our teacher! ), but most are pretty much established in one way or another. 13 doctors, 3 or 4 lawyers, a bunch of engineers, accountants, scientists, a budding army general... whew, quite formidable! But it was loads of fun, and my best wishes to all those getting hitched or in the process of forging their careers. Looking forward to next year's gathering!

Another thing I did during the New Year was watch Shanghai Noon on cable. Man oh man, it's tonnes better than its sequel. Better storyline, funnier gags, and Lucy Liu is so much better than the very very bland Fann Wong. And speaking of movies that spawned sequels, I caught Men In Black last night, and laughed till my sides hurt -- MIB II, if you'll read one of my earliest blog entries dated last May, bored me to death.

More this weekend, especially after Ronan's show, and tonight's episode of American Idol II. :D

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