Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The fever's gone, just as I predicted. Good news for those in the wards, since I'm on call, and able to help with the clinics for the whole day. :)

I made the right choice in changing duties, and believe it or not, clinics are good right now when compared to the chaotic situations in the wards, with the new housemen and all. I haven't been around during the changeover since 2001, when I did gastro in SGH, but even then, I did mainly passive calls, and had perhaps 1 or 2 active calls at the most, and the ward I covered had only 5 or 6 gastro patients in total, so I wasn't really affected overall.

Nice to hear from you, Daryn. Though it's sad that this is the only way I can communicate with you guys! Identify yourself to me one of these days if we meet in the canteen. :)

Not much to update about the SARS problem here, but I consider that a good thing. After some heavy duty blogging a couple of weeks back, I like to be able to talk about idle stuff for a change, like Clay Aiken! ( Those of you who can't stand my drooling can stop reading right... now! )
Yes, I visited the American Idol website, and here're the songs Clay sang ( the theme is Bee Gees songs ) -- "To Love Somebody" and "Grease". I know both pieces well, and can already imagine what they sound like with Clay at the helm. Good choices! The video clips aren't ready yet, but check again tomorrow and you can bet they'll be there. Great site, this one.

It's 9pm, and can't say I'm complaining. Hope the MICU remains quiet, and that the A&E department keeps the admissions to a minimum. I'm contemplating watching "The Bachelor 2" on one of the upper floors even. But mustn't get greedy, 'cos this sort of thing usually doesn't happen on my calls. ;)

I notice there haven't been any comments on the SMA News. Has anyone read it? I found Prof. Low's eulogy for Dr. Alex Chao very touching. This is probably the first time any of us have had to read so many eulogies in one single issue. And with 2 of them related to SARS, it certainly makes things more painful.

Okay then, it's off to the evening ICU round. To everyone else on call with me in medicine tonight, have a good one!

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