Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Looks like I spoke too soon. I didn't make it to work on Monday after all, due to a splitting headache that made me feel as if a whole tribe of Ewoks was banging the bongo drums in my skull. And after returning to the hospital this morning, I was found to have a low-grade fever and given another day of medical leave. I'm completely asymptomatic otherwise, but with current policies on keeping febrile healthcare workers at home, I don't have much of a choice. But I'm pretty confident my temperature will return to normal tomorrow -- I'm on call, so it had better return to normal!

I've also asked to be diverted away from the wards, and will be running the specialist clinic full-time till the end of the month. The stress finally got to me, and with my mysterious fever, you could say I'm burning up 'cos I'm burnt out, haha. :)

So here I am, sitting at home on a Tuesday afternoon, spending some time blogging, plus downloading from Clay's website again. For my fellow Clay fans out there, there've been some fantastic additions to the video/audio clips section, including one of his Atlanta audition, where he looked really nerdy but totally blew the judges away with his amazing voice ( congrats to Simon and Randy for picking him based on talent instead of looks ). There's also an alternative version to "Somewhere Out There" under the "Halfway Home" special, that is sung to perfection. It's just really interesting to watch Clay's transformation, in terms of appearance and showmanship. He has definitely come a long way, and judging from last week's votes, there's a high chance Clay Aiken will be the next American Idol.

Due to my change in work duties, I have yet to set eyes on my new housemen. I hope you guys are doing okay upstairs, and my apologies for bowing out at the last minute. I did, however, meet another young chap at the lift this morning. He did an attachment with us during his final year, and mentioned that he reads my blog. Wow, I'm still overwhelmed whenever anyone I meet talks about my website, so thanks. :)

Drinking lots of water, so hopefully this'll keep my temperature at or below 37 degrees Celsius. Till next time then.

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