Saturday, February 28, 2004

ClayMania Resurgence


Ah, I'm picking my way through the Charlotte concert bootleg videos right now ( I'm talkin' about Clay Aiken, for the benefit of those who aren't fans :)). You can view them ( plus the newest ones from Duluth ) at this link:

Airplay Central

Just watched his renditions of Kyrie Eleison and When I Need You. Waiting for Carolina On My Mind, and the whole list of others following that! I gotta tell ya, Clay is in his element! Kyrie was the opening song, and he walked all the way from the back of the auditorium to the stage, causing mass hysteria along the way. Really funny. :) His voice has never been better, soaring high above all the chaos and deafening screams and cheers from the appreciative crowd. Then there's the acoustic set, of which WINY is a part. Clay has always demonstrated such finesse when doing covers, sounding ten times as good as the original ( e.g. Somewhere Out There, To Love Somebody, Unchained Melody, and the now world-famous improvement of Bridge Over Troubled Water ). Hearing him belt out WINY gave me goosebumps big-time! Absolutely beautiful. :)
He's learnt to work the audience since his shy American Idol days, so it's lots of fun seeing him shake his stuff on this tour. He's loosened up nicely, and enjoys himself immensely while performing. Love his dress sense too, haha!
A bunch of fellow Singaporean Clay fans will be flying to LA to watch the concert in April. How I wish I could go with them! Used up all my annual leave for the NZ trip, but "I have no regrets" ( a la William Hung, heh :P ). I just hope Clay'll drop by our shores in the near future, before I get a nervous breakdown from seeing all these video clips and hearing about the tour from my friends. :D

Now I shall gush about something inanimate. :)
Went to the condo estate at the developer's invitation today, and I'm officially in love with the swimming pool area. No, I'm not kidding. I was practically draping myself over these gorgeous ?oak round tables located next to spanking new BBQ pits just adjacent to the water. There's even an amazing al fresco type dining enclosure, which can be used for sitting around, reading, brainstorming, studying, thinking up plots for novels *wink*. Super-windy everywhere we went, and the overall decor is breath-taking. Extremely well done, I must say, exceeding all my expectations. Did I mention the outdoor jacuzzi? How about the playground that's partially submerged? And the clubhouse, with 2 function rooms, games room, card room, gym, and another open gusty area with a great view? Ooh, and there's a well-known, huge park nearby for jogging and cycling. Not to mention a direct bus to a bustling mall, interchange and MRT station that's 10 minutes away from the CBD area ( at most ). I'm gonna enjoy living here. :D

Will be attending a very old friend's wedding tomorrow. Promises to be a lively affair, complete with band and a lovely atmosphere. Will of course be meeting the usual people -- old classmates, medical friends, maybe our civics tutor. I just want to gorge on the good food. :P Nah, I wish the happy couple the greatest happiness that life can offer. Just hope I get some rest during this night shift so I won't look half-dead at the dinner.

Right then, on to more Clay videos. :)

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