Friday, February 13, 2004

Pick Of The Crop

Mr. Dave Barry, my deepest gratitude to you and your blog for keeping me awake as I sit in the resus area waiting for my turn to nap ( ie. 5am ). I'm also trying hard not to think about the fact that my core body temperature is now so low cellular respiration has probably halted, and my breath is coming out in little clouds of frost that subsequently fall to the ground and shatter into pretty little crystal smithereens. ( You think I'm joking? Patients here have CRIED because of the cold, okay?! )

Anyhow, I'm catching up with Dave's latest blog entries ( Yahoo Games are now BANNED, darn it ):

One Word -- YUCK

I was wrong - DOUBLE YUCK

Someone obviously doesn't like penguins very much

Not if the clamper is a female DOCTOR

Cool game - highly recommended!


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