Thursday, February 26, 2004

Just a short post before I hit the books. Am on 4-12 shift today, and still recovering from a major errand-running marathon yesterday, so I'm not too upbeat. :(
Although, I have to say the Ikea store makes me feel like a kid in a candy store all over again. That place is huge! And I love their furniture and assorted knick-knacks!

Quick check with the Forum Page -- all quiet. :)

Predictions for American Idol 3 finalists #4 and #5: Latoya London is a definite shoo-in ( love her voice! ), but Amy Adams and Jon Peter Lewis may have to jostle for the remaining place. However, if one of them fails to get through this time, it's pretty obvious whoever's ousted will be brought back for the wild card. My bet is on Jon Peter, even though Amy has the better voice. Is it just me, or is there "something" about the guy that makes him so inexplicably appealing? I think it's his spark-plug personality, especially when he performs. Can't believe Simon compared Eric Yoder to Clay Aiken -- except for some high-powered notes, I fail to see any other similarities.

And speaking of Clay, I've read through descriptions of the opening night for his Independent Tour with Kelly Clarkson, and guess what? Clay does covers of Kyrie ( Mr. Mister ), When Doves Cry ( Prince ), When I Need You ( Leo Sayer ) and Fields of Gold ( Sting )! I wish I could listen to them, but the website keeps crashing due to overload ( no surprise there :)). Sounds absolutely amazing, and I can only imagine how excited a few of my fellow local Clay fans are, since they've already booked tickets to shows in LA come April. If only I had some annual leave left! :(

Before I sign off ( yes, I did say SHORT post :P ), just want to say thanks to Mark Richmond at Class 95 for actually trying to get his hands on the Peter Cincotti CD ( I emailed the station to recommend it for their Dinner Jazz segments ). Was told that the store he went to had no more stock, so I suggested That CD Shop. Hope he'll find a copy soon so we can all hear "Sway" on the airwaves. :)
Also, another thank-you to Mark for playing The Way after a couple of Clay fans sms-ed to vote for our favourite guy in the station's Top Ten Of The Week countdown, which will be aired this Friday evening. He even read out our messages, haha! Really nice gesture, especially the bit where he played the song without us even requesting for it.

Right then, time to study yet again. Have a good day, everyone.

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