Saturday, February 21, 2004

Guess what? Seems another Forum Page complaint is erroneous -- again! No I'm not transcribing it ( you can read it in today's edition though ). In a nutshell, the COO of SNEC's rebuttal was polite yet potent. :)

And in other more important news *wink*, Rob Cesternino was booted off "Survivor: All-Stars"! NOOOOOOOOOOO! But in truth, I think we all saw it coming. He's too good a player to begin with, and it's only natural for the other tribe members to feel threatened. Now we're only left with Rupert, but if all the capable ones are kicked out, the eventual victor may very well be someone really dull and unworthy. Sigh.

Beer-drinking game, anyone? Chug a pint each time any of these things happen ( guaranteed to give you liver cirrhosis in no time ):

1. Richard Hatch flaunts his jewels
2. Boston Rob and Amber get touchy-feely
3. It rains
4. Someone gets overwhelmed by all the suffering and sinks into depression
5. A good player gets kicked off

I'm standby today, but technically off since no-one's on medical leave. A Saturday, yeah! Not that I'm going anywhere, of course. Just hanging out at home, reading, studying, clearing bills ( sob ), tahan-ing some major drilling from my neighbour's house, ugh. Seems the keys to our new place will be handed over in about a fortnight, after which we can quickly plan "the big move". But with my crazy work schedule, this'll most likely be completed in May. I'm dreaming about the Olympic-sized swimming pool just below my block, woohoo! No more long drives to the club to get my weekly dose of endorphins. :)

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